Route of Sea(Path 16-Cave Exploration Part Two)

“That was close, isn’t it?” Fyen asked Serene.
“I haven’t use my best weapon yet, you know,” Serene answered her. The tunnel was becoming darker and darker, forcing them to cast light impulse on themselves to lighten the area.
“How long is this tunnel? We are just keep diving and diving,” Creise asked everyone.
“I don’t quite sure, but then, I feel like we will take a day or so,” Serene answered her.
“What?” Fyen was shocked.
“So, you are in the search for something?” A lancer, who was holding a trident and wearing magnalium armor, was standing in their way.
“So, what you are going to do? Stop us? Bring it on!” Serene taunted him.
“How arrogant. I think you are just pussies playing around,” He started to charge his lance.
“What you said just now? You won’t get away with this!” Creise became angry and took out her mielsta. “This is my battle now,”
“A chain weapon…looks like I won’t play with you then,” He charged it using fire aura and ran towards her.
“How pathetic. Crescent strike!” She swung her chain downwards and returned the chain back to her both hands. He was injured, but he quickly slashed her. Her shoulder was wounded.
“That kind of attack is just a pinch to me, you know,” He charged his lance with fire aura and launched heat wave on her.
“Oh really?” She charged her chain with water aura and swung her chain in front of her, forming a cool wave and stopped the heat wave. “Then, try this!” She dashed towards him and cross slashed him by swinging it in an x formation. He blocked it using his lance, but his lance became slightly cracked. He quickly recovered it and launched a thrust spike attack (an attack which the attacker hold the end of the lance and stretch his arms without moving to stab the enemy) on her.
“He’s quite fast. I need a new strategy,” She charged her mielsta with ice aura.
“Don’t tell me she’s trying to stab me using that,” He dashed backwards, charged his lance with metal aura and stabbed the ground. A few shockwaves were formed around him and moved towards her.
“My plan is exposed, eh?” She charged her mielsta with metal aura and jumped while swinging her mielsta as a barrier. The shockwaves were blocked but when he threw his lance and jumped towards her, the mielsta was wound around his lance and it stopped spinning.
“You are trapped!” He punched his lance and it hit her. She quickly retaliated by flowing some electric pulse through his lance and he was stunned. She removed his lance and swam back onto the ground.
“Want some more?” She charged her mielsta with light aura and threw its blade towards him.
“Damn….” The blade was stabbed inside is body. Then,
“You are finished!” She pulled out the blade and he finally fainted. She healed him and he finally awoke.
“You are indeed strong. Please proceed,” He stood up and let them pass. They continued their diving. Fyen will have her battle next….


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