Route of Sea(Path 17-Cave Exploration Part Three)

While they continue diving,
“Your mielsta…why there is a star mark on the blade?” Fyen asked Creise.
“About that, it is a very private thing to me. But I can tell you that it enhances the stats of it,” Creise was uneasy with her question.
“This reminds me of the magic circle mark on my salamander gun. My father put it to enhance indirect spell casting ability. But my father said, ‘Well, it’s just a decoration for your toy,’” Serene told everyone.
“Toy?” Fyen was shocked.
“Well, I called that as a toy because I used that for shooting garbage from the world above us,” Serene answered her with a bored, uninterested tone. The rest felt awkward.
“You are such a dangerous person,” Creise told her.
“I won’t shoot you without a proper reason, though,” Serene smiled. Suddenly, a cannonman appeared in front of them.
“So, you want to get the holy item? Prove your strengths!” He took out his cannon and attached it to his left arm.
“I’ll fight this time,” Fyen took out her sniper gun and started to aim him. She shot a few shots on his cannon but he quickly deflected the shots away by shooting his cannon. Fyen was shocked and returned her sniper gun in her dimensional storage.
“So, what are you going to use anyway? I doubt you can use it at all,” He dashed towards Fyen and attempted to attack him in from near range but Fyen quickly cast barrier on herself and blocked his cannon using her right hand. While she was trying to take a sword, he shot her but the metal ball was stuck inside the cannon. Then, he charged his cannon with metal aura.
“You won’t make it!” She attempted to slash him but he fired the shot and both metal balls hit her and he was pushed away. The attack was missed as well.
“I am faster than you, you weakling!” He charged his cannon with metal aura again and fired another shot on her.
“But your bullet is weaker than my sword!” Fyen slashed the metal ball apart, but it hit her shoulder and she was injured.
“Hah! It is still strong enough to deal damage to you!” He fired another shot on her. She quickly evaded it and attempted to stab his cannon, but he quickly fired a shot and her sword was damaged instead. She kicked his stomach and he was thrown away.
“Cannons usually don’t fire that fast…what is he doing on his cannon?” She dashed towards him, grabbed his cannon and swung him but she was stunned before he smashed the ground. He fired a shot and she was pushed away.
“Well, what else can you do?” He asked her.
“What if I do this?” She charged her fists with vacuum aura and punched the ground.
“Ha! You are just fooling around,” He fired a shot towards her. Suddenly, a vacuum ball formed in his cannon and the metal ball was sucked inside. He fired another shot but his cannon was broke into two instead. “What?”
“Your cannon looked strong, but is weak against your bullet. Next time, assemble you weapons properly, weakling!” Fyen scolded him.
“Alright, you may pass,” He sighed. They continued their diving. At the meantime, the guys are facing fights as well….


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