Route of Sea(Path 18-Cave Exploration Part Four)

“So, why is your sword is blue in color?” Nastra asked Waryl.
“That is because the sword is coated by copper (II) sulphate crystals, which is protected from dissolving by coating it with a barrier,” Waryl showed his sword and the barrier was visible. They continued diving until they saw a mermaid was blocking on their way. Her clothes were made from fish scales, which looked sturdy.
“What are you doing here?” She asked them with a serious voice.
“We are exploring this cave,” Kairos answered her.
“Then, defeat me to pass!” She took out a stainless steel trident and dashed towards him.
“Taste the sonar wave!” Kairos attached his sonar cannons to his shoulders and shot some sonar pulses to her. She evaded them and attempted to stab him but he quickly knocked her shoulder using his cannon and her attack missed. He quickly kicked her stomach and she was thrown away but at the same time, she threw her trident and he was stabbed.
“This is mine!” He attached the trident onto his cannon and launched it back towards her. She caught the trident, but it was too fast that she was dragged and crashed the wall. She healed herself and charged her trident with dark aura.
“You are such a troublesome guy, aren’t you?” She launched a few stab waves while swimming towards him.
“You are the one who is troublesome!” He deflected the stab waves by shooting sonar wave pulses. Then, he shot another few but they missed.
“I’ll show it to you how troublesome I am,” She appeared at his back and stabbed him using his trident. He was injured but he quickly spun himself around and shot her. She was injured and teleported herself away.
“Don’t you want your trident back?” He took the trident off his body and healed himself. The cave started to vibrate. Oddly, the vibration did not transmit to another pathway. “Well, you force me to do this!” He charged her trident and threw it to his front. Then, he charged his cannons and shot a pair of double helix sonar pulses. The vibration was stopped and she appeared in front of him, but his cannons were jammed.
“What a foolish man. Perhaps you got seduced,” She dashed towards him, faster than usual.
“Don’t ever insult me!” He combined them into an arm portable sonar cannon and attach it to his right arm. He shot sonar pulses to her while trying to knock her. She dodged the attacks, but she was unable to attack as his movements are fast.
“Oh really? Perhaps you are dumb,” She dashed backwards and cast rock ignalial on him. A magic circle appeared on his feet.
“I am not dumb enough to be fooled by this trick,” He teleported himself to her above and the spell hit her instead. He quickly shot tetra helix sonar pulse on her and she was heavily injured.
“What about this?” She cast encased electric magnarid on him.
“The answer is still the same,” He attached a knife on his sonar cannon and stabbed the wall of the cave. The current flew through his Kevlar armor and dispersed at the pocket knife. She quickly attempted to stab him from below, but he teleported to her back and shot sonar wave pulses at near range. She was hit and fainted.
“Don’t ever think that men are easy to deal with,” He separated the cannons.
“You may pass,” She woke up and healed herself. They continued their diving. Their next opponent awaits them….


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