Route of Sea(Path 19-Cave Exploration Part Five)

While they were continuing their dive,
“Hey, are you really attracted by that mermaid?” Waryl asked Kairos.
“I am not attracted by her. I am still ‘loyal’ to Creise,” Waryl answered him with a warning tone.
“That’s what you get if you doubt your comrade,” Nastra laughed.
“At least I know Serene won’t forgive me if I wander off my mind towards her on any other girls,” Waryl sighed. Their pathway is getting darker and darker. They decided to cast light illumination on themselves. Their sights became better. After a few minutes of diving, they saw an archer standing in their way.
“Are you coming here for the weapon?” She asked them.
“The holy weapon, of course!” Waryl answered her.
“Her bow gun is quite powerful,” Kairos whispered to Nastra.
“I doubt Waryl can survive that,” Nastra replied him. Waryl heard their conversation and became angry.
“Defeat me to pass!” She charged her bow gun and shot a few arrows on him. He caught the arrows, fused them into one arrow and attached it to his sword’s tip.
“I’ll prove to you that I can survive that, you cowards!” He shouted at them while charging his sword. She charged her arrows again and shot another few arrows. He strafed away from them and destroyed the arrows.
“You are quite fast, aren’t you?” She dashed towards him and attempted to shot at near range but he quickly spun around and slashed her back. She rammed him onto the wall but she got knocked away when he used his head and kicked her. She smashed the wall as well.
“We are on the same level, isn’t it?” He charged his sword with air aura and shot the arrow. She avoided the shot, but the air blades formed around the arrow slightly wounded her. She shot a few indirect shots on him but he quickly reflected the arrows, which ended up blocked when she shot another few to defend herself.
“Indeed. But I will crush you!” She charged the arrows with ice aura and shot them.
“Trying to freeze me? No way!” He charged his sword with fire aura and destroyed the arrows, then continued stab her, but was blocked by her arrow shots and he was stunned. She kept her bow gun in her dimensional storage and took out a stainless steel rapier.
“Looks like you are frightened with my sword. Now, witness your defeat!” She dashed to his back and slashed him but he quickly blocked it and swung his sword upwards. Her rapier was thrown away and she was injured.
“This should be my line,” He quickly took the rapier and cross slashed her. She ignored the pain and kicked his chest. He was thrown away while she was healing herself.
“You are quite tough guy, aren’t you?” She charged her fists and launched a punch wave on him while punching the ground.
“I am!” He strafed away from the punch wave, but the shockwaves formed injured him and he fell onto the ground.
“Looks like you are not!” She jumped and attempted to finish him off using her fists, but suddenly,
“Don’t you know what strategic defeat is?” He jumped, headbutted her body and cross slashed her. She crashed the wall and fainted. He gave her rapier back and healed her.
“Thanks. You may continue your journey,” She stood up and walked towards the wall. They continued diving. They encounter another one….


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