Route of Sea(Path 20-Cave Exploration Part Six)

“Hey Nastra, you fight next,” Waryl told him.
“I know. I won’t disappoint you,” Nastra tightened his fists. They continued diving for a few minutes until a knight wearing Krysgen (an alloy made from one-third of copper, one-third of silver and one-third of gold, named after the creator) armor blocked their way.
“Prove to me that you are worthy for the weapon!” She took out her sword of the same alloy and dashed towards Nastra. He quickly ducked and punched her waist. She was pushed away, but not before she launched a slash wave on him and he was hit.
“This is not good at all,” Nastra charged his fists and dashed towards her back, but she quickly turned backwards and slashed him. He managed to jump away from her while punching her shoulders. Yet, she swung her sword backwards and hit his body. They both injured and dashed away from each other.
“You are quite tough, but I’m tougher than you!” She charged her sword with ice aura and launched a slash wave on him.
“You are not!” He charged his fists with fire aura and launched a few punch waves. Both attacks cancelled each other.
“We shall see that,” She charged her sword with metal aura but her sword became rusted. He quickly dashed towards her and attempted to punch her, but she quickly kicked his chests and he was pushed away.
“Looks like my plan of spreading iron dusts failed,” He charged his fists and punched the ground.
“I’ll let you taste your rusts,” She did the same on her sword. The rust turned into dusts and flew towards him. Both shockwaves cancelled each other, but the dusts pierced through his body, leaving him poisoned. He quickly recovered himself, but he lost a lot of stamina.
“Her counter…damn….” He absorbed water aura from the sea and recover his stamina.
“Take this!” She charged her sword with metal aura again and threw it towards him. He jumped away from him but she was kicked at his back after she dashed towards him. She took her sword and ran towards him.
“I won’t fall onto the same trick again!” He punched her sword and the ground at the same time while ducking. A rock pillar struck out from the ground, making thirty degrees with the ground and hit her. She was pushed away.
“Looks like you are quite persistent,” She transformed his sword. The side blades swung itself away from the central blade. Then, she attached an arrow shaped blade on its tip. The side blades then retuned into its original position. She dashed towards him while pointing his sword downwards, touching the ground.
“Bending her body frontward….!” He charged his fists with metal aura and dashed away from her.
“Oh, he knows my strategy already?” She swung her sword two times and continued to dash towards him. He cast flash on himself and jumped across the slash waves that were formed and her. He landed behind her and punched her waist. She crashed onto the ground.
“You passed my test. Go and get the weapon,” She stood up and healed herself. They continued their diving. What the will get is not theirs….


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