Route of Sea(Path 21-Cave Exploration Part Seven)

A few minutes later, they found out a dead end and an altar in front of it. There was a sword floating on the altar. The cross guards were wooden rather than metal.
“This sword…the Kasgeir gun sword…why is it here?” Kairos was wondering the existence of the sword. It rotated itself and glowing. Then, it transformed into a blade gun. They were all shocked. The hilt was the handle and the cross guards were the barrel. Suddenly, a blurry white shadow appeared in front of them.
“This is not yours. This is for the chosen one,” It talked to them and disappeared along with the blade gun. At the meantime,
“Looks like this is a prank, I guess,” She saw nothing but the dead end and a magic circle drawn on it. Then, her compass was glowing and moved itself towards the magic circle. Then, Serene was felt like her legs were not under her control, walked into the magic circle and disappeared. She appeared in a dimension, which was in complete void and everything was just plain white.
“What is this place?” She was frightened. She didn’t know what to do next. Then, she saw a sphere in front of her. She walked towards it but suddenly a saint appeared in front of her.
“The chosen one…take this holy item and keep it well. Your destiny starts now,” She told her and she was teleported back to the dead end. She walked towards them but suddenly she stepped on something.
“A sword?” She stepped backwards and picked up a blade gun. She was amazed by the structure of the gun. She kept it into her dimensional storage and they swam back to the entrance.
“Where are the guys?” Serene wondered where they are. Back to the guys,
“Let’s go. We have nothing to do here,” Waryl told everyone and they swam back to the entrance, but while they are on the way, suddenly,
“You think you can get away after stealing my precious Kasgeir sword?” A mermaid blocked their way and took out her Phirion (an alloy made from 15% titanium, 20% of copper, 25% of zinc and 40% of scandium) trident.
“That weapon is for the chosen one!” Kairos shouted at her.
“Oh really? Well, I’ll give you a deal. Whoever stays here with me will have a ‘special treat’ from me and I’ll leave you all alive,” She winked at them and swam around them.
“Get lost, you whore!” Nastra charged his fists and attempted to punch her but she quickly charged her trident and launched several stab waves on them. They were so fast that the guys were unable to avoid them and got hit. Nastra and Kairos were heavily injured but Waryl was unharmed as he blocked them using his sword. Waryl charged his sword and dashed towards her while she was still shocked.
“Don’t ever test our self-restrain!” He cross slashed her a few times and she was teleported away. He quickly healed them.
“Looks like she is very angry. We better get out from here,” Kairos told everyone and they continued the diving. When they arrived at the seabed,
“What stops you, folks?” Serene stared at them angrily. They were frightened.
“Just a silly woman whoring around for her weapon,” Waryl told him with an arrogant tone.
“At least you don’t whore with her. Let’s go. We have other things to do,” Serene told them and they continued swimming northwards. There is another cave near them….


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