Route of Sea(Path 22-Tunnel Discovery Part One)

After a few days, they reached the center of the strait. The sea was very clear that even the sky is blue when viewed from the seabed. The seaweeds bent northwards as the current flows that way. Then, they saw another hole on the seabed.
“The Sieca tunnel…our ancestors accessed the tunnel before,” Nastra sighed at the hole.
“What are you feel depressed about?” Kairos felt weird of his sigh.
“This is one of the reasons our clans fight for ages. They were not satisfied when your ancestor was heavily injured when fighting some monsters inside the tunnel,” Nastra took out his sword.
“Stop the babbling and just dive inside!” Serene kicked Nastra and he fell into the tunnel. The others followed him. The tunnel is very dark and even the sunlight spell can only give dim light, perhaps due to extremely concentrated dark aura contained in the sea water. Then, suddenly, Waryl’s sword was shining.
“The gods were calling me…I must dive faster,” He quickly swam away from the others.
“Something’s not right,” Serene swiftly followed him. She felt weird of the glow on his weapon. The glow was shining and fainting periodically. Then, she was blocked by an invisible barrier. The others camp up to her and looked at him, who disappeared a few seconds later.
“I thought that I will be exiled forever,” He talked to nobody. There was even no sound portals exist.
“You will go back to us after she is gone,” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere. The voice seemed to be very stern.
“No,” He drew out his sword.
“For that girl? Well, you are such a fool. What if she knows that you are a saint?” Its voice turned sarcastic.
“I think that won’t change everything,” He strengthened his grip on his sword. His hands were shivering.
“Do as you wish. But remember, it is us who determine the destiny,” The voice disappeared and the barrier was removed. Suddenly, a gargoyle appeared in front of him.
“Take this!” Kairos charged his sonar cannon and shot a sonar wave pulse on it. It dashed in a zig-zag pattern and rammed him. He smashed the wall and his shoulders were injured. He was unable to move, yet it was paralyzed as well due to the impact.
“It’s time to test this weapon,” Serene charged her blade gun and shot a few laser beams on it. The shots hit it, but it was uninjured. Serene was shocked. Creise quickly took out her mielsta and launched tornado slash on it. The chain swung in a circular formation and slashed through its body. Fyen and Nastra further injured it when they shot a few bullets on it.
“Get lost,” Waryl charged his sword with wood aura. The aura particles covered the sword. He dashed towards it and cross slashed it. An x mark was formed on its body.
“Now I see,” Serene charged his blade gun and dashed towards it. She swung it as if she was using a sword and pulled the trigger. The sword was coated with laser. The attack turned it into dusts. Creise healed Kairos.
“Let’s go. We have to get out from here as fast as we can,” Serene told everyone and they continued their diving. She started to feel suspicious on Waryl. “Who is he actually?” Yet, the enemies are lurking somewhere in the tunnel….


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