Route of Sea(Path 23-Tunnel Discovery Part Two)

The tunnel was as dark as usual. They continued diving until they found out a lancer was blocking their way.
“Fyen and Nastra…you traitors shall be punished,” He took out his lance. The lance had two round blades as its hip.
“Can’t we just simply forget the past and be in peace?” Nastra scolded him.
“No,” He dashed towards Nastra. Nastra quickly charged his fists and punched him. The knuckle’s tip hit the blades and the blades were cracked. He quickly stabbed Nastra again but this time he strafed to his right and struck his body using his knee. He was pushed away a few meters back, but he managed to stab Nastra and his right arm was wounded.
“That sting…damn….” He healed himself and dashed backwards. Fyen took out her gun. The gun was attached with two additional barrels, perhaps for elemental enhancement. She reversed the barrels and shot a bullet towards him. He blocked it using his lance but the lance’s blades were destroyed. He quickly recovered his lance and dashed towards her.
“Today is your last day to live!” He charged his lance with metal aura and stabbed the ground. A few ground waves shaped like shark fins were launched towards her. Nastra quickly saved her by launching a few punch waves on them. They were deflected away. He jumped towards her and attempted to stab again. Suddenly,
“This is not your battle!” Waryl blocked him and kicked his chests. He smashed the ground and heavily injured. He woke up and healed himself.
“What do you think of this?” He kept his lance into his dimensional storage and took out a three barrel cannon. The barrels were placed in reverse order; the largest at the front and the smallest at the back. He charged it with water aura and shot a blast towards them.
“Current stop!” Creise cast the spell and the attack was cancelled. She quickly ran towards him and swung her mielsta a few times. His cannon was destroyed and he was wounded. He teleported himself away. “That was close, isn’t it?”
“That blast can blow us away. Is your arm OK?” Kairos healed Nastra. Everyone started to feel worried.
“Yeah. Looks like the pirates know where to find us. We must be careful onwards. We won’t know how if they send more powerful people to us,” Nastra answered him. They continued swimming but they saw a few abandoned guns near the walls. They decided to check it out.
“Those people don’t stock their ammos,” Serene was mumbling to herself. The guns were fine in condition, but the ammunition was empty. She took a few of them and kept them into her dimensional storage. She was still looking at Waryl suspiciously.
“Hey, what’s with that kind of staring?” Waryl walked towards her.
“Why you set up that barrier just now?” Serene asked him with a serious tone.
“I have something personal I need to deal with,” He answered her. He was looking away from her sight.
“That you can’t allow us to know about it? Who are you actually?” Serene replied him with a sarcastic tone.
“I’m just a normal knight. That’s it,” Waryl continued swimming and the others followed him. The others wondered what happened to Waryl and Serene. The dark aura became more intense when the swim further in.
“How can you betray us, master?” A sound appeared from nowhere.
“Now we are targets of both clans,” Kairos sighed. Another battle ensues….


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