Route of Sea(Path 24-Tunnel Discovery Part Three)

“Get lost or I’ll disable you!” Kairos charged his sonar cannon and shot double helix sonar pulse on her. Yet, she blocked it using her titanium armor. She walked towards them and took out her scythe.
“Are you going to abandon us?” She pointed her scythe to Kairos. The abandonment since he left the ship made her stare very sharp.
“Well, I have to complete what should I do. Please understand. I’m sure that you have a new captain, right?” Kairos tried to calm her.
“That jerk…I won’t forgive him. Will you go back and help us?” She started to cry. Her dark memories of past haunted her.
“I will, but once I’m done I must continue with my mission,” He approached her and wiped her tears. Creise’s face turned red, perhaps due to her jealousy over what Kairos did.
“You are toast, Kairos Ceradig. How dare you do that on her?” She clenched her fists. She was hiding her extreme anger.
“Don’t worry, he is not a lady killer,” Fyen calmed her. “That girl is his sister,” She suddenly blushed.
“Um…well….” She cannot speak properly, perhaps due to embarrassment.
“Don’t worry. We have to help her as well,” Fyen tapped her shoulder. They continued swimming through the tunnel. Then, they saw a sniper gun floating in the water. The barrel was half a meter long and there were two cartridge slots.
“The siege sniper gun…is this fate?” Fyen took it and kept it into her dimensional storage. They continued diving out from the tunnel. 1 hour later, they went out from the tunnel and arrived at the seabed. There was a ship above them.
“My ship…how nostalgic,” Kairos sighed at his ship. At the meantime, on the ship,
“That jerk…he is dead meat,” A fist fighter wearing black suit with six pack muscles was waiting for Kairos to appear. Back at the sea,
“I warn you, don’t ever try to sink my ship. I know this is your hobby for years,” Kairos warned Serene. Serene was shocked the she accidentally dropped her blade gun.
“How you know?” Serene asked him.
“You are known as ‘the sinker’ among us because you sank 140 ships for 14 years,” Kairos told her with a sarcastic tone. Serene became furious.
“Why they don’t give me a better name?” Serene stomped the seabed repeatedly.
“Is there any plan? We can’t just simply bust it in,” Waryl wandered around the ship.
“We have to teleport everyone,” Creise told everyone.
“No, lure him to go underwater,” Fyen threw a scroll onto the ship. It wrote,
“Dear the bastard who occupy my ship,

How dare you do something nasty to my crew and occupy my ship! I just simply leave for some errand and you took it from me? I challenge you for a one-on-one duel. If you win, I hand her to you and you can have my ship. Otherwise, leave my ship immediately!

Your Enemy,
Kairos Ceradig”

He read the letter and dived into the sea.
“You are going to pay for what you’ve done!” Kairos charged his sonar cannon. This fight will be not easy….


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