Route of Sea(Path 25-Rage)

Kairos shot a few wave pulses on him. He barely dodged them and took out his double hook. The second hook was located between its hilt and the other hook at the opposite end.
“Get lost from this world, traitor!” He charged it with acid and poison auras. Kairos dashed backwards and shot another few wave pulses. He reflected them and Kairos was hit. His Kevlar suit was eroded and he was poisoned as well.
“No wonder you can become the captain,” He recovered himself and kept his sonar cannon in his dimensional storage. He took out a mining axe instead and launched a few slash waves on him. He reflected them again but this time Kairos dashed to his back and slashed him. He was injured but he quickly swung his hook backwards. Kairos jumped and avoided his counterattack, but his feet were stabbed instead when he raised the hook upwards. Kairos was poisoned again.
“Feeling weak?” He jumped and attempted to slash Kairos but Kairos quickly held the hook and stabbed him instead. Kairos returned into the seabed and pointed his mining axe on him, who was stunned.
“I’m not done yet!” Kairos manically shot a barrage of slash waves towards him.
“Me too!” He recovered from his stun and did the same. The attacks cancelled each other. They dashed towards each other and started to become berserk.
“Please, don’t overdo it….” Creise was worried when she looked at the fight. They were attacking each other at close range.
“He is a mad man so don’t worry too much,” Serene winked at her. Kairos launched a slash wave on him but he locked it using his hook. Kairos dashed below him and attempted to attack his feet but the hook strangled with the mining axe. Kairos quickly took out another mining axe and launched a slash wave on him. He was pushed to the sea level.
“For my crew!” Kairos shot another barrage of slash waves towards him. He was pushed out from the water. He quickly recovered himself and kept his hook into his dimensional storage instead. He took out a flow cannon and dived into the water. He charged it with water aura and shot a water blast towards Kairos. Kairos charged his mining axes with wind aura and blocked the blast. He discharged the aura and charged them with electric aura.
“Suicide attack? No way!” He charged his cannon and shot a few metal balls on Kairos but Kairos dashed towards him while dodging the shots and cross slashed him. He was encased and electrocuted.
“Get lost,” Kairos teleported him away. He boarded the ship with that girl. The crews were happy to see him and rushed towards him. He fell onto the ground.
“Welcome back, captain!”
“Don’t leave us again!”
“Sorry, but I have an important errand to run. I need to accompany the chosen one. But I promise, I’ll be back with a new vice captain,” Kairos winked at the crew and jumped into the sea.
“That mariner? Come back soon!”
“Let’s go. We are now exited the strait. Want some rest near Diad?” Serene asked everyone.
“Yep!” They continued swimming northwards. The rest will be chaotic for them….


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