Route of Sea(Path 26-Break Away Part One)

One day later, they arrived at Diad underwater city, which is also called as “The fighters’ heaven on Lefrad”. It was located at the south side of Encad Island.  It had lots of blacksmith shops and armory. The city was divided into two parts. The first part, which was located at the north side, with the houses arranged in columns, is the residential area while the other part, with the houses arranged in rows, are the business area. They city is as busy as always, with the huge population forcing the city to build buildings up to 100 meters below sea level (the height limit for underwater buildings, to prevent ships from crashing the buildings). People come in and out like water flow.
“Whoa, this place is huge,” Kairos was amazed by the big area of the city. The signs are made from palladium plates, unlike wood in other places. The shops were everywhere. They decided to split up and search for good weapons while Serene go and search for some accommodation. Serene wandered around and found a hotel called “Foltaf hotel”.
“My relative opened a hotel here?” She felt weird when she looked at the signboard. She walked inside and a few receptionists were surprised looking at her. They rang the desk bell and a man wearing black formal wear went towards him. “Uncle?”
“Yep, it’s me. What brings you way from the south?” Kzad (silent k pronunciation) Foltaf, the manager of the hotel asked her.
“I’m the chosen one. This is what brings me here,” She took out her compass. He was intrigued by her answer. He took the compass and examined it. “I have some friends accompanying me and I need a room for 6 people,” Serene took the compass, went to the counter and talked to them.
“Well, this is your key. Enjoy your stay!” The receptionist hand him a key with a key chain written in cursive writing to her. It writes, “2112”, which means the 12th room at the right side of the second floor. She walked through the spiral stairs and walked along the hallway to the room. It was spacious with three double beds and a mini sized arena for near range combat. The floors are made from mosaic plates. Serene told the others about the hotel room through the sound portal and went to sleep.
“Serene…Serene….” A voice appeared in her dream. She was inside a dark void.
“Show yourselves!” She took out her blade gun and aimed everywhere. Then, a dark shadow appeared in front of him. He was faceless and emitting dark aura.
“Help…me…my…chain…was…missing….” Its voice was very weak and inspirited.
“Where?” She kept her blade gun in her sack. She turned calm and sympathetic over it.
“Scile cave. Retrieve the chain and the chain is yours,” It was disappeared and she woke up from her sleep. She was surprised that a dead person came to give a help request. Perhaps her name as the chosen one is widespread around the whole underwater world.
At the meantime,
“Get lost, you pervert!” Creise kicked a shopkeeper after he stared at her chests when she was finding some oil for her mielsta.
“Oh, so you wanna fight? Bring it on!” He took out another mielsta and threw it towards her. She grabbed it and flowed some metal aura into it. It was straightened like a chain lance.
“Don’t challenge me if you are not my level!” She threw it towards him, purposely missed him and he was scared. She walked away from the shop and walked around the streets. Suddenly, her mielsta was floating under the water, directing towards an abandoned wooden shop. She walked inside and heard some weird voices.
“I have a new weapon for you…get it from the cave….”
She felt weird of that voice; unknown of what was he talking about. This mystery continues….


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