Route of Sea(Path 27-Break Away Part Two)

At the mean time, Kairos was wandering around the town trying to find a shop to repair his mining axe. Suddenly, a few gunners wearing cowboy outfit chased him to an empty alley.
“What do you want?” Kairos asked them. They did not answer and took out their guns. Waryl who was accidentally seen him launched a slash wave towards them to help him. They shot a few bullets and blocked the slash wave. Kairos quickly took the chance and shot a few pulses from his sonar cannon. They were hit but only slightly injured. Waryl jumped towards them and attempted to launch a shockwave but the gunners dashed away from them and shot him. He was hit and fell onto the ground.
“They are so persistent….” Waryl stood up and dashed towards Kairos. His sword was slightly cracked and he quickly recovered it. The gunner shot a salvo of bullets towards them but they quickly blocked them using the barrier spell, despite it broke into pieces shortly afterwards.
“They must be used up their bullets,” Kairos shot a double helix wave pulse on them. The gunner was hit and Waryl injured them further by cross slashing them. They ignored the pain and rammed Waryl onto Kairos. They dashed backwards and reloaded their weapons.
“Is this really possible…?” Waryl and Kairos healed each other and stood up. Their stamina was delpleted a lot. They charged their stamina while blocking the gunners’ gun shots. The damage on the barrier depleted their aura reserves. They started became anxious.
“Now it’s time to finish you all!” They stopped shooting and staring to ram at them again.
“This is it!” Kairos shot a double helix wave pulse on Waryl’s sword. It absorbed the pulse and started to vibrate. He dashed towards them and slashed their legs. They fell down onto the ground.
“No so fast!” They grabbed his legs and threw them towards Kairos.
“Sorry, pal,” Kairos charged his cannon and shot a blast on him He was pushed backwards and smashed the gunners out from their consciousness. They left the alley and went back to the hotel room. At the meantime, Fyen and Nastra confronted a few pickpockets near the entrance.
“Return the money or you’ll lie on a hospital bed!” Nastra shouted on them. Yet, they ignored him.
“Want some beating? Come on!” One of them dashed towards Nastra and stabbed him using a pocket knife. He quickly pulled it out and threw it to another pickpocket. Then, he ran towards Fyen trying to do the same thing but his head was kicked instead. He was thrown away and smashed the ground. He was unable to move. The other took out a shotgun and shot a few bullets on them. They were hit, but only injured slightly. Nastra charged his fists and launched a few punch waves on him. He dodged them but Fyen quickly shot a few bullets from her sniper gun and he was hit.
“Take this!” Nastra dashed towards him and kicked his stomach. The stolen purse was thrown away from his pocket. Nastra took the purse and they left the pickpockets behind back to the hotel room. One hour later, at the hotel room,
“Hey folks, we need to go north tomorrow. But before that, I’ve got some upgrade for you,” She threw lots of spare parts for them.
“Additional barrels for me, blade shrapnel (a part that extends the attack range and increase attack power of knuckles) for Nastra, shield reinforce jewel for Waryl, and….” Kairos was amazed by the additional parts that Serene gave to them but suddenly Fyen was angry.
“You are a sucker. That sniper scope is fake! How dare they sell…wait…what if I assemble it like this?” She tried to aim through the window but she failed. Then, she reversed the attachment of the sniper scope and the sight became better. “Good. Thanks for giving this and the acceleration barrel,”
“I guess I have to get mine on my own, I guess?” Creise was jealous over the upgrades they received.
“No. I’ll get yours tomorrow. That’s why we have to go north tomorrow,” Serene answered her. They were too tired and slept in the room. The night is very dangerous for them….


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