Route of Sea(Path 28-Break Away Part Three)

At night, 0200, where the city has little people except some fighters who engage in late night battles and the guards who patrol around the area. At a road near the hotel,
“Hey, are you ready? This is the chance to eliminate those traitors and the chosen one once and for all,” A man wearing a black mask told his partner, who was wearing the same clothings.
“Let’s do it!” They launched a few Molotov cocktails towards the room where Serene was in.
“Idiot,” Serene woke up and shot them in the water. They exploded and the shockwave formed alarmed the guards. The guards quickly search for those men. Some of them rushed into her room, which was unlocked at that time.
“Do you see anyone who threw the bomb to you?” A guard asked her. The others woke up from the blast. Serene took out a piece of A4 paper and drew their faces. The guards were amazed by her drawing skills. The details of the people were drawn very carefully, from the hair to the mask.
“What happened? Are you OK?” Waryl approached her.
“Thank you for your co-operation. We will find them immediately,” The guards left the hotel.
“What happened?” Kairos who was still tired and yawning asked Serene.
“We were almost killed by a Molotov cocktail. I shot them before it is too late,” She answered him as if it was no big deal at all. Perhaps she gets used to those killing attempts done on her father. The others were surprised over the way she said it. Feeling speechless, they equipped the equipment and load took their weapons.
“Let’s go. We can’t let those useless officers get their credits,” They rushed outside and started their search. They tried to find those men anywhere but they were not found.
“They must me outside from here. Chase them!” A guard ordered a few colleagues of him. They dived upwards to the sea level to check if there is any ship nearby. Serene and the others continued searching around the city. Serene found them in the abandoned shop which was entered by Creise earlier. Those men were shocked.
“Kill me now, if you dare!” Serene took out her gun and charged it with metal aura.
“Such impudent fool. This is what you’ve asked!” They took out a few Molotov cocktails but before they manage to throw them, Serene shot the bombs and they were exploded.
“Metal fizat!” Serene cast the spell. A magic circle formed in front of her gun. She shot the bullets towards them. The bullets hit them and a magic circle formed above their head. Lots of metal blocks fell from the magic circle and knocked them. Oddly, they were unharmed.
“You think this works on us? We are not those weak traitors!” They charged themselves and charged towards her like a rugby player. Serene shot a few wind ignalial bullets on the ground and they were tripped when they stepped on the magic circles on the ground.
“Ha, go back and train some more!” Serene dashed through them and punched their back. They were teleported away. Then, she heard the mysterious voice again.
“The chain…remember….”
“I will.” Serene walked out from the shop and called everyone through the sound portal. “Those jerks…I’ll crush them into bits if I see them again,” She clenched her fists while walking back to the hotel room. Perhaps she was unable to revenge over the killing attempt towards her. They continued their sleep in the hotel room.
The next morning, they woke up, check out from the hotel and paid the money.
“Where are we going?” Waryl asked Serene.
“Scile cave. That’s where we find the upgrades for Creise,” Serene answered him with a serious tone. Everyone else was shocked by her answer.
“That cave is one of the most dangerous caves in Lefrad. Looks like we must keep our guard up from now,” Nastra told everyone.
“Yes!” They left the city and went north. Their true challenge begins….


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