Route of Sea(Path 29-The Khérista Part One)

Four days later, they arrived at Scile underwater village. It is a small and quiet village with only three wooden houses with zinc plate roofs, perhaps due to the ships favor more to sail at the east side of the Encad island, which has calmer winds and more fishes, making more and more residents live at the east side. There were even no guards in the village.
“We have visitors. Perhaps they want to explore our cave,” A villager wearing Agau (an alloy made of 50% silver and 50% gold) armor yelled at someone.
“Let them in. For years we never have any explorers,” A mysterious voice replied her. Serene and the others approached her. They asked her about a missing chain weapon in the cave and she was shocked upon hearing that.
“Ten years…it has been ten years….” She sighed. Perhaps she was remembering the death of a weaponsmith who was entered the cave ten years ago. “Well, I’m sure that he told you about this place. Please, complete his death request,” She let them go inside the cave. “The cave has a few guardians, so beware!”
The cave has 6 branches. The dark aura was concentrated, but the cave was clearly visible.
“Let’s split. We won’t know what is inside until we discovered them,” Serene told everyone and they split up. Fyen went into the first branch from the left, Kairos second, Nastra third, Serene fourth, Creise fifth and Waryl sixth. At the first tunnel,
“How creepy. I haven’t felt such a strong aura yet,” Fyen took out her sniper and carried it on her right hand. Suddenly, a gargoyle appeared in front of her. It was flying around her. She trying to aim it but she was unable to do so as it moved around her. Then, it attempted to attack her from behind.
“Not so fast, you lousy one!” Fyen sensed its movement and shot it. It was hit and flew away from her, but not before it launched a few slash waves from its wings and damaged her. They both injured and started became anxious. The gargoyle healed itself and dashed towards her again.
“….” She did not look at the sniper scope and shot it. It pierced through its wings while it tried to dodge the shot. It smashed the ground and formed a shockwave, which cause some injury on Fyen’s legs. She tried to swim away but she was hit when it launched few slash waves from its damaged wings. She smashed the wall and unable to move.
“I’m not losing….” Fyen healed herself, took out and additional barrel and attached it on her sniper’s barrel. The gargoyle launched some slash waves again but this time she charged it with neutrons and reflected them back towards it. It quickly healed itself and flew away. The counter attack was missed. The gargoyle charged itself with electric aura and cast electric astraea on her. She quickly dashed towards it and let the spell hit both of them. Suddenly, some of the spell was absorbed into her gun. She quickly dashed backwards and shot an encased bullet towards it. It dodged the bullet, but the bullet hit the wall and formed an electron wave.
“Oh no….” She charged himself with wood aura and sealed herself in a wooden seal. The gargoyle was electrocuted and turned into dusts. She broke the seal and healed herself. “Whoa…this is quite dangerous. Better continue moving,” At the meantime, in the second branch,
“Want a trip to Hell?” A dark lancer with a ergtot (a double headed lance with bow shaped tips) taunted Kairos.
“Yeah, I’ll be the one who send you there!” Kairos attached the additional barrels onto his sonar cannon and charged it. The fight will be as intense as this one….


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