Route of Sea(Path 30-The Khérista Part Two)

“Take this!” Kairos shot a few sonar wave pulses on her. She retaliated by absorbing it into her lance and launched a few slash waves on him. He blocked it with his cannon and it was jammed.
“Pathetic!” She dashed towards him and stabbed her lance into his cannon. The lance was stuck inside the cannon’s first barrel. He kicked her armor but she did not budge. The cannon was recovered and it automatically shot a charged blast on her. She was hit and pushed ten meters away. Then, she charged it with water aura and shot an invisible water arrow towards him. He sensed its movement and dodged the arrow.
“Don’t ever underestimate me!” Kairos charged his cannon with air aura and shot an air wave towards her. She attempted to dash to his back, but he quickly aimed his cannon towards her and she was blown away. She charged her lance when he was dashing towards her.
“But you are still weak!” Just when Kairos was charging his cannon with fire aura, she stabbed her lance onto the ground and launched a few ground waves on him. He was able to fire the heat wave at short rang and hit her, but he was injured by the ground wave as well. They both started became worried as they seemed to know how to counter their attacks.
“What about this?” Kairos reversed the attachment of the barrels. The largest barrel was in the front and the smallest is in the back. He jumped and shot a wave pulse on her. She charged her lance and threw it to defend herself. Both attacks cancelled each other and caused an explosion. They were blinded for a while. He took the chance and shot another wave pulse towards her. She dodged it easily as she sensed the pulse’s movement.
“My turn, eh?” She charged her lance with neutrons and shot another arrow towards him. He dodged the arrows and dashed to her back.
“Get lost,” He kicked her back and she was pushed away, but she managed to swing her lance and slashed his legs. They healed themselves and charged their stamina.
“He is quite powerful. I need to do something”
“Her counter attacks are very powerful. I can’t imagine how she can do that. I must let her attack first,” Kairos reversed the attachment of the barrels back to normal.
“Luring me? You’ll step on your trap,” She charged her lance with alkali aura and shot an arrow onto the ground.
“Indirect shots?” He strafed to his right and avoided the arrow, but he was cross slashed at his back as she teleported herself to her back. He swung his cannon backwards and knocked her head. She was dizzy. Kairos quickly rammed her towards the wall and shot another wave pulse on her, but she blocked it with a barrier.
“I’m not losing yet!” She healed herself again and charged her lance with yin yang aura.
“You will,” He charged his cannon with rock aura. “Rock crush!” He shot the tetra helix wave blast, which was covered in rock aura. She retaliated with a light and dark double arrow shot. Both attacks cancelled each other, but she quickly shot another pair of arrows. He jumped and shot a wave pulse on her. He knocked her again using his cannon and she became too weak to fight.
“You win. Hopefully you can find that weapon,” She stood up and lay against the wall.
“Well, you should leave here as soon as possible,” Kairos told her.
“Only if you show me the weapon,” She winked at him. He continued his diving. At the meantime, in the third tunnel,
“A flying enemy…my fists….” Nastra was looking at a harpy flying around him. The harpy seemed to be trying to prevent him from continuing his diving. Another battle ensues….


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