Route of Sea(Path 31-The Khérista Part Three)

Nastra started his attack by charging his fists and launched a few punch waves on it. It spun around him while dodging the attacks. It dived towards him and crashed him onto the ground. He stood up and launched another few punch waves towards it but the same thing still happened.
“That flying creature…I need to do something,” He dashed towards the wall and charged his fists with electrons. It dived towards him but he strafed to his left. The harpy crashed the wall, forming dusts everywhere. Nastra took the chance and punched its wings. It was injured, but it was able to fly away from him and healed itself. He became anxious.
“What? Is this possible? Perhaps I haven’t damaged its arms, I guess,” He charged his knuckles and launched a few punch waves, aiming at its arms. It flew towards him and attack missed.
“…” The harpy stretched its arms and punched him. He was spinning and accidentally kicked its back. The harpy smashed the ground and ended up stepped by Nastra. He quickly dashed backwards and launched a few punch waves on its wings. Suddenly, it spun itself like a tornado and kicked him upwards. He was thrown away and smashed the ground.
“What the….” He healed himself and charged his fist with ice aura. The harpy spun itself like a tornado and charged towards him. He focused his energy into them and spun his arms when he was trying to punch its head. Both attacks cancelled each other. Nastra quickly charged his right feet and kicked its body. The harpy was thrown upwards and smashed the wall, but not before it knocked his neck by swinging its arms.
“Tch….” Nastra dashed backwards and healed himself. It seemed that they both were exhausted and rested for 15 minutes. After that, the harpy charged its wings and launched a few slash waves towards him. He jumped backwards and launched a downward and an upward punch wave towards it. It strafed away from them, but it was thrown away and smashed the ground. It slid on the ground and flew towards him.
“I’ve known your tactics,” He charged his feet and launched a few kick waves towards it but it spun around and dodged them. He was hit and pushed towards the ceiling. He was falling down onto the ground slowly.
“Don’t tell me this is over….” The harpy charged itself with sky aura and flew towards him with its wings stretched, as if it wanted to pierce through his body. He charged his knuckles with poison aura and shot a few wave arrows from it. It was hit and fell down onto the ground; due to the poison it was inflicted. It recovered itself and attempted to do that again from below.
“…” He dashed backwards to avoid it, but it stopped in a sudden and kicked him. He was hit, but he wasn’t thrown away. He charged himself with ice aura and flowed the aura inside its body. The harpy was frozen and fell onto the ground.
“Die,” Nastra charged himself with wood aura and charged himself towards it. Suddenly, a barrier formed around it and he was thrown onto the ground instead. The barrier was shining and the harpy transformed into a mariner.
“You win the fight. You must think of me as a demon, I guess?” She, who was wearing fish scales suit, with trails of water aura flowing around her talked to him with a soft tone.
“At least you proved yourself you are not,” He swam past her and continued his diving. At the meantime, at the fourth tunnel,
“Oh, I thought that only I am assigned to take it,” Serene told a pirate wearing sailor suit and a pair of hooks.
“I think there are more than one chain is stored in this cave,” He told her. Then, suddenly he removed the hooks, kept them into his dimensional storage and took out a pair of revolvers.
“Challenge me in a battle? Bring it on!” She took out her blade gun and aimed at him. The gun fight starts….


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