Route of Sea(Path 32-The Khérista Part Four)

The pirate started his attack by shooting a few heat bullets towards Serene. She blocked the shots using her own beam bullets. He was shocked by her precision in shooting.
“No wonder you are called ‘the sniper eye’,” He told her using a low pitched sound.
“Am I really that famous?” Serene asked her. She seemed to doubt his words.
“You don’t discover that because those words spread northwards,” He charged his gun with fire aura.
“Oh, really?” She charged her blade gun and shot a sword shaped laser beam towards him. He blocked them by shooting some heat bullets. He quickly reloaded the bullets.
“Those old revolvers…how odd….” She dashed towards his back but her legs were shot when he shot backwards towards her. He knocked her and dashed away from her.
“Try to slash me? I have no weak spots,” He shot another few bullets indirectly towards her. She jumped and shot a few laser beams towards him. He kept his gun into his dimensional storage and took out a pair of esquadria. They shaped like a side-handle baton, but there is a launching pod within the body of it. The missiles used were attacked to a mini-sized sword blade. The handle had a button for shooting laser beams. The laser beams were blocked exactly on the tips of the blades.
“Showing his true power? Go on!” Serene charged her blade gun with wind aura and cast wind ignalial on her blade gun. She shot a few bullets through the magic circle formed at its front.
“Spell bullets?” He dashed backwards and dodged the bullets. The wind formed on the ground dragged him towards the magic circle and he was thrown upwards. He charged his esquadria with gravitons and shot some laser beams upwards. He fell onto the ground slowly.
“What the?” Serene charged her guns with fire aura and shot a few fire ignalial bullets towards him. He deflected the shots by shooting some laser beams towards. The spell bullets hit the wall, but the spell was not cast, perhaps due to orientation errors.
“Her shots were very accurate and challenging my shooting precision. I must be careful,” He charged his esquadria and shot a few missiles towards her. She dashed towards him while destroying the missiles by swinging her blade gun a few times.
“Perhaps this is good time to do the trick,” She stabbed her blade gun into his body. Next, she pulled it out while pulling the trigger. A sword shaped laser was formed and injured him further. The laser blade was pulled away. Then, she launched the laser blade towards him.
“I’m still fighting!” He launched a few missiles and some laser beams towards her. She dashed away from him in a zigzag formation, but the missiles hit her as they were homing types.
“Now you are finished!” He launched another few missiles towards her, but she shot a few laser beams and they were exploded. Dusts flew from the ground, covering their sights. Serene sensed his movements and shot a salvo of bullets towards him. He was hit and fell onto the ground.
“Get up. You’ve lost already,” She dashed into the dusts and pointed her gun towards his head.
“You are quite skilled, I must say,” He stood up and kept his esquadria into his dimensional storage.
“Let’s go. We won’t know what lurks inside,” They continued their diving.
At the meantime, at the fifth branch,
“A demon…looks like what the guard said is true,” Creise saw a Minotaur blocking her way.
“Looks like the chosen one is somewhere else. Tell me where she is!” It took out a huge steel hammer and dashed towards her. The battle is not easy….


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