Route of Sea(Path 33-The Khérista Part Five)

Creise took out her mielsta and threw it. It strangled the hammer. She attempted to pull it away from the Minotaur but it dashed towards her and smashed her body away. She was thrown 15 meters away.
“Wimp,” He continued dashing towards her. This time she threw it towards its leg and it fell onto the ground. Its head knocked its hammer and got injured. It stood up and dashed backwards. Then, it charged its hammer and smashed the ground, forming a shockwave towards her. She blocked it using the barrier spell but she was injured when it teleported itself to her back and knocked her. She reacted by striking her mielsta on the handle. The hammer was broken and its head was thrown away.
“Your hammer is broken. Now what’s next?” She dashed backwards and healed herself. Her blade on her mielsta was cracked.
“This is it!” It jumped towards her and attempted to punch her, but he quickly recovered her mielsta and swung her mielsta in clockwise formation. The attack was blocked and the Minotaur’s arm was injured, but a shockwave was formed and she was injured. The shafts in the mielsta were broken too. She was pushed 5 meters away as well.
“Its strength….” She recovered the weapon again and charged it with electric aura. “Electric dash!” She threw the mielsta straight towards it. Oddly, the chain was straight. It pierced through its body and it was electrocuted. Yet, it was slightly injured.
“You think you can defeat me?” It healed itself and dashed towards her, trying to ram her to the wall. She dodged the attack, but the strong wind slightly wounded her. It quickly spun around her and punched her back, but she quickly cast barrier to protect herself, which ended up broken into pieces. It gave another kick towards her and she smashed the wall.
“Yes,” She cast damage transfer on herself, but the Minotaur was unharmed and the walls were cracked instead, perhaps it transferred the damage to the surroundings. She was healed, but her stamina dropped. She started to show signs of exhaustion, due to the stamina and aura costs of the spell. Still, she was spirited to fight.
“Your body can’t handle the spell?” The Minotaur charged itself and jumped. Its movements were rather slow.
“I’m not done with you yet!” She stood directly below her, trying to throw her mielsta directly upwards. She charged her mielsta but she was smashed onto the ground when it cast fast drop on itself. She fell onto the ground and hurt her right arm as it stepped on that part.
“Ha! I’m done with you,” It attempted to step on her body to finish her, but she quickly strangled its leg using her mielsta and it fell onto the ground. She quickly stood up and recovered her right arm.
“You are forcing me to do this,” She charged her mielsta with metal aura and dashed towards the Minotaur, which was stood up. “Infinite slash!” She swung her chain in an infinity symbol shaped pattern repeatedly. It turned into dusts. She looked at the front, perhaps trying to sense any demons nearby.
“No one else here,” She continued her diving. At the meantime, in the sixth tunnel,
“Oh no, looks like I have to deal with the pirates again,” Waryl’s hands were shivering.
“Where is Kairos?” A grenadier wearing fire suit asked him.
“Over my body to find it out!” He attached the shield reinforce jewel on the sword’s center and charged it. He will face a hard opponent….


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