Route of Sea(Path 34-The Khérista Part Six)

Waryl started his attack by launching a few slash waves towards him. He absorbed them into his Molotov cocktail and threw it towards Waryl. Waryl shot a laser beam to make it explode, but the shockwave formed by the explosion damaged him. He charged his sword and dashed towards the grenadier.
“Reckless,” He charged his fists with explosion aura and punched his sword. The explosion injured both of them, but Waryl was injured more as he punched Waryl a few times shortly after that. Waryl dashed to his back and launched a few wave slash attacks (attacks that launch slash waves and slash the enemy at the same time) on him but he was unharmed.
“Shell?” Waryl dashed backwards. He was shocked when he looked at her armor. It was made from platinum, but it was made from lots of square fragments jointed like a shell, giving extra defense compared to normal armor. He charged his sword with rock aura and stabbed the ground.
“Stalagmites? Fool,” The grenadier dashed towards him and the stalagmites attack missed. He charged the explosion aura on his fists again. This time, he strafed to his right and kicked the grenadier’s back.
“What?” He fell onto the seabed and ended up damaged by the explosion formed when his hands hit there. He stood up and threw a few grenades towards Waryl. Waryl dodged them but he was quickly punched at his head and got thrown away.
“Damn….” The grenadier threw a few nitroglycerin bottles towards him. He barely dodged them, but his sword accidentally slashed one of them and they were all exploded. He was injured by the shockwaves from the explosion. He fell onto the seabed. He stood up and healed himself, but he lost some stamina.
“Still standing, huh? Then, what about this?” He took out a bow gun and shot an explosive arrow towards Waryl. Waryl caught the arrow and attached it onto his sword’s tip. He dashed towards the grenadier and launched the wave slash attack again. This time, it was too fast that he was unable to react and pushed 5 meters away.
“Ha! Lose your strength already?” Waryl charged his sword with ice aura and stabbed the ground. Oddly, he just simply stood there. Ice stalagmites struck up from the seabed but they were all absorbed as his ice aura. He flowed it into a few flash bangs and threw it towards Waryl. Waryl was trapped inside an ice hemisphere.
“Not yet!” He cast crush on the ice and the ice scratched and pierced through Waryl’s body. Waryl became weak and fell onto the ground. The vision turned blur and his senses started to become dysfunctional. He was hallucinating, perhaps he was dreaming about Serene.
“What are you doing here, you moron? Stand up and fight!” Serene was scolding him. His injuries were healed.
“Perpare for your last breath!” The grenadier took out a grenade gun and charged it with fire aura. He aimed sharply at Waryl and prepared for a final shot. Suddenly, Waryl teleported himself to his back.
“It is yours,” He cross slashed the grenadier and launched a cross shaped slash wave at the same time. He fell onto the ground out of his consciousness. “Get lost,” He was recovered and teleported away. Back to the first branch,
“Hmm…looks like there is a rod here, but why?” Fyen found a rod in a dead end. Then, suddenly and shell armored knight appeared behind her.
“Give me back my rod!” He shouted. She is now in danger….


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