Route of Sea(Path 35-The Khérista Part Seven)

Fyen took the rod and handed it to him.
“That weaponsmith…I wished that he was still alive,” He sighed and looked to his back. The long way from the entrance reminded him of the weaponsmith who was killed by a minion of demon lord 10 years ago. Suddenly,
“I thought that there is no one here,” Ecano, a human who sided the demons appeared in front of them. His brass armor was emitting dark aura. He assaulted them by launching a few slash waves towards them. They jumped to the side and avoided the slash waves. Fyen took out her sniper and shot a few bullets towards him but he dodged them all. The knight attached the rod obtained just now into his sword’s slot for central blade.
“Wind blast!” He charged his sword with wind aura and shot a wind blast from his sword. Ecano blocked it using his jade sword. Fyen took the chance and shot another few bullets but Ecano spun his sword and blocked the bullets. Such skill made her and the knight shocked.
“What?” Fyen charged her bullets and shot a few bullets towards Ecano’s hands. He strafed to his left and the shots were still blocked. Yet, a few small fragment of jade was visible; perhaps the sword is crack resistant. His dexterity was unbelievable to them.
“….” Ecano charged his sword and launched a few cross shaped slash wave towards them. The knight blocked the slash waves using his sword, but the rod was cracked into five even segments. It was recovered immediately. Some of their energy was absorbed into his sword. He launched a few laser beams as a counterattack. Ecano deflected them towards Fyen by casting mirror on his sword. She absorbed them into her sniper gun and shot a few desperado (sharpened with the sharpness of the tip of a sword/lance/arrow) bullets towards him. He blocked them but the bullets pierced through his sword and hit him.
“They are not simply shot straight. They rotate by themselves,” Fyen charged the sniper again and shot the same bullets again, but this time, Ecano was able to block them using the barrier spell. Then, Ecano dashed towards Fyen, attempting to slash her but the knight dashed towards him and attempted to slash her but he quickly cast attack transfer and Fyen was slashed instead. Fyen quickly took out a pocket knife and cross slashed Ecano. He was pushed towards the knight, who launched a shoot slash attack (an attack which shoot and slash the target at the same time), towards him. He teleported himself 25 meters away from them.
“You are persistent. But what if I do this?” Ecano charged himself with ice aura and sealed them in a dodecahedron shaped seal. “Crush!” He cast the spell and lots of ice shards scratched their skin and damaged their armor. They both fell onto the ground, unable to move. Their healings were unable to recover their paralyzed bodies.
“Damn…the internal damage….” Fyen trying to recover her body but she failed. Suddenly, the knight stood up.
“Using electrical disruption to disable arm and leg movements…smart, but not smart enough,” He charged himself with electric aura and recovered from the paralysis. He walked towards Fyen and encased her in an electrical seal. A few seconds later, she was recovered as well.
“Now, it is our turn,” Fyen removed the sniper scope from her gun and attached an acceleration barrel on it. Then, she shot bullets repeatedly. Ecano dodged the attacks and dashed towards them while launching slash waves on his way, but the knight charged himself with metal aura and rammed towards him like a charging rugby player. An barrier, visible by the flow of the sea water, was protecting him. He deflected the slash waves away and crashed Ecano on a wall. He was heavily injured and teleported away.
“Thanks. We will not meet again, I guess,” The knight teleported himself away.
“Well, I think I don’t have anything to do, I guess,” Fyen swam back towards the entrance. At the meantime, in the second tunnel,
“Tch…knuckles….” Nastra was starting to become anxious. The fight is starting soon….


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