Route of Sea(Path 36-The Khérista Part Eight)

“Long time no see, traitor,” A fist fighter, who is wearing Aquarheo (a special type of underwater material which is 300 times stronger than Kevlar) suit, which was green in color and the same knuckles used by Nastra.
“Yeah, we fight for nonsensical reasons and it is time to stop now!” Nastra shouted at him.
“No, as long as I am Cicarta Asquilo, the treasurer of Pharkof clan!” Cicarta charged his knuckles with fire aura and dashed towards him.
“So, I must beat you in a pulp, I guess,” Nastra spun around him and punched his back. He was pushed a few meters away but he turned his back and launched a few heat waves towards Nastra. Nastra absorbed them as his knuckles’ fire aura and punched the ground. Some heat waves rose from the seabed and struck him. He was slightly injured.
“Is this what you’ve learned from me?” He dashed towards Nastra and punched him a few time. He smashed the wall and was injured. Yet, he healed himself and jumped. “Impact blow!” He charged his fists and dashed towards Cicarta. Cicarta cast barrier and repelled his attack. He was kicked at his stomach and thrown away. Cicarta quickly dashed towards him again and kicked his back. He smashed the ceiling and fell down onto the seabed slowly.
“Ha! This is what you get when you betray us!” Cicarta charged his knuckles with rock aura and punched the ground. Nastra cast aura dispersal to protect himself. A rock stalagmite struck up from the ground, but upon reaching him, it was turned back into rock aura. He absorbed them, changed them into non-elemental aura and healed himself.
“It seems like I don’t get anything,” He stood in front of Cicarta. Cicarta quickly dashed towards him and attempted to punch him, but he held his hand and the attack was blocked. Cicarta launched another punch, which was also blocked as well.
“What about this?” Cicarta attempted to kick Nastra but he quickly dashed backwards and launched a punch wave towards Cicarta. He dodged them and slid on the ground. Nasta jumped away but he was hit when Cicarta launched a few slash waves towards him. Cicarta jumped and attempted to kick him but he spun himself and kicked his forehead. He was thrown away.
“I guess that your skills are rusted,” They both stood up and stared each other sharply. Nastra charged his knuckles with electric aura and punched the ground. An electric pulse, which was encased, was launched on the ground. Cicarta jumped, charged his knuckles with wind aura and launched a few punch waves towards Nastra. He reflected the punch waves by punching them. The counterattack missed.
“Yours too,” Cicarta charged his legs and launched kick waves repeatedly towards Nastra. He ran around him to avoid his attack.
“This is you demise,” He suddenly stopped and absorbed them as non elemental aura and dashed towards Cicarta. A barrier formed surrounding him and deflected the kick waves launched towards him. He attempted to punch Cicarta, which was lying on the ground. Yet, he was kicked instead and his barrier was shattered.
“….” Nastra quickly punched him and he was heavily injured. “You win. I’ll go,” Cicarta teleported himself away.
“Master….” Nastra sighed. After another few minutes of diving, he found nothing but a letter, with its sides burnt and the color faded into yellow, wrote,
“Dear the one who read this letter,

Please retrieve the Khérista as soon as possible before the demons take them. Only a person who has the tie with the chains can retrieve it.

Yours truly,
Acienta Isqre”
“Demons…looks like we are in trouble, I guess,” Nastra swam away while taking the letter. He did not realize that there are other thing left inside, but they were teleported into his dimensional storage. At the meantime, at the third tunnel,
“Why would you do this to me…captain…?” A cannonman with two titanium ball cannons mounted on his shoulders and wearing Kevlar suit asked Kairos.
“I know, but I think it is the time we change our focus,” Kairos answered him.
“No. The Pharkof clan should be eliminated!” He charged his cannons and launched a few titanium balls towards Kairos. This battle will be as intense as the last one….


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