Route of Land(Path 37-The Khérista Part Nine)

Kairos dodged the attack and attached a pair of sonar cannons on his shoulders. He reversed the barrel connections.
“What? 1-2-3 formation? This guy’s gone nuts,” The cannonman launched another few shots towards him. He charged his cannons and launched a pair of double helix wave pulse. The shots were destroyed. Then, he launched another shot but the cannonman quickly dashed to his back using the dimensional shift spell. He was shot at his back, but the shots were stuck inside the cannon.
“Taste this!” Kairos spun around him and his neck was knocked by Kairos’s cannon. He was pushed a few meters away, but he quickly jumped and launched another few shots. This time, the cannons were exploded as they hit the stuck bullet. He threw the cannons away and took out a hook wand. It has a sickle shaped tip at its end. He charged it with photons and launched a few laser beams towards Kairos. Kairos absorbed them as photons in his cannons and shoot them back towards him.
“Fool,” He absorbed them into his wand and stabbed it onto the ground. Laser beams were launched from where Kairos was standing. He jumped towards the wall and performed a kick jump. The attacks were missed. Then, he shot a few sonar wave pulses towards the ceiling. The wave pulses were reflected towards the cannonman but he managed to dodge them by dashing backwards. He charged his wand with fire aura and cast fire astraea on Kairos.
“Since when he learned how to cast spells?” He dashed backwards to avoid the spell but he was still hit by the heat waves launched from the magic circles formed on his feet and above his head. He fell onto the ground. The cannonman attempted to cast the spell again but he was hit by a few sonar wave pulses and he was unable to cast the spell. Kairos quickly charged his cannons with water aura and launched a few water blasts towards the cannonman. He jumped and threw his wand while charging himself with poison aura. The wand turned into a sea snake but it was quickly “killed” when Kairos shot a few wave pulses towards it. The wand was restored and he took it.
“Die,” He slashed Kairos and kicked him. He smashed the wall and injured his back. The cannonman charged his wand with electric aura but the aura was dissipated when Kairos shot a few wave pulses towards the wand. He shot another few but the cannonman dodged them, dashed towards him and launched a wave slash attack towards him. Kairos knocked his shoulders and jumped away from him.
“I’m still alive, you wimp!” Kairos reversed the attachment of the two barrels at the front, forming a 1-3-2 formation. He charged his cannons with rock aura and shot the ground. The rocks on the seabed float and directed towards the cannonman. He dodged them and ran towards Kairos while shooting some laser beams towards him, but he absorbed them and launched the laser beams back towards the cannonman. “Get lost,” He dashed towards the cannonman, charged his cannons and launched a pair of double helix sonar wave pulses. The pulses hit the cannonman and he was hit. The rocks which were launched just now hit him out of his consciousness. He was teleported away.
“How impudent and ignorant. Hmm…let me search around this area,” Kairos continued his diving and found a few very small sized barrels along with a letter, which wrote,

“Dear whoever who finds this,

This barrel allows you to form a four barrel formation on your cannon. Use it well.

Yours Truly,
Acienta Isqre”
“I’ll take this, I guess,” He took them and kept them into his dimensional storage. He dived back towards the entrance. At the meantime,
“What the heck you are talking about?” Serene was shocked when she saw a white portal and a saint, which was wearing white coat and holding a sword spear.
“Defeat me,” She dashed towards Serene. The battle begins….


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