Route of Sea(Path 38-The Khérista Part Ten)

“This is what you’ve said,” Serene charged her salamander guns with ice aura and shot an ice ignalial spell bullet towards the saint. The bullets hit her, but the spells were dodged. She dashed towards Serene and slashed her. She was wounded, but it was quickly healed. Serene dashed backwars, trying to stay away from her. Then, she shot a few bullets towards the saint while dashing towards her. She blocked the shots, but she was kicked at the knees and pushed a few meters away. She retaliated by launching a wave slash attack towards Serene, but she jumped and dodged the attacks.
“This is not sufficient as a chosen one!” The saint launched another slash wave towards Serene, which was missed, but she was hit by a few rocks dropped from the ceiling. She fell onto the ground. The saint charged her lance and threw it towards her. She cast barrier to protect herself, but it was shattered quickly, at least it did not pierced through her body. She caught it and threw it back towards the saint.
“Take this,” She charged her guns and shot a few laser bullets towards the saint. Then, she charged his bullets, turned them into mini rockets and launched them towards the saint.
“…pathetic,” She destroyed the bullets and the missiles and dashed towards Serene. Serene was surprised by her skills. She took out a pair of gun barrels and attached them on her guns.
“What about this, huh?” She charged her bullets with electric aura and shot a few encased electric magnarid bullets towards the saint. She absorbed the spell as the lance’s electric aura and dashed towards Serene. She attempted to launch a wave slash attack on Serene but she was stopped when Serene charged her bullets with wind and sky auras and shot a few cyclone bullets onto the ground. The wind was blowing fast from the cyclones formed on the seabed and the saint was unable to advance. Yet, she launched a few slash waves which was unaffected by the cyclones towards Serene. She jumped and dodged them while waiting for the cyclones to fade. A few seconds later, the cyclones were faded and the saint continued to dash towards Serene.
“Take this and get lost!” She charged her lance with electric aura again and launched a wave slash attack on Serene. She bicycle kicked her and the attack was missed. Serene injured her further by shooting a few wood ignalial spell bullets towards her. She dashed backwards and knelt down in front of Serene.
“You won the battle. Please proceed to the portal,” She stood up and pointed towards the portal. Serene walked into the portal and appeared in the realm of saint again.
“Good job, Serene. This is the first cross. Get another one,” A mysterious sound appeared and a white cross was in her hands. She took it and she was teleported back to the cave.
“So, I have to get another one…where is it?” Serene dived back towards the entrance, wondering why she was chosen by the gods.
“Hey, you missed something!” The saint yelled at her. Serene went back towards her and took a few cartridges for her guns.
“Thanks!” Serene smiled at her and swam back to the entrance. At the meantime,
“So you’ve come here,” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere.
“Well, what should I do?” Creise asked it.
“Continue your journey and get the Khérista. Remember that there is enemy around here so be careful,” The sound replied her and faded.
“Thanks. I’ll complete your last wish,” Creise continued to dive but a cerberus blocked her way. She took out her mielsta and prepared for a battle. This one will not be easy….


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