Route of Sea(Path 39-The Khérista Part Eleven)

Creise charged her mielsta and launched a few crescent slash waves towards it but it jumped towards her back and slashed her using its claws. She jumped away while healing herself.
“This beast is very fast,” She launched another few towards it while dashing randomly in a zigzag formation. The movements confused it, making it waiting around for her to slip and fell onto the ground while blocking them using its claws. The claws strength seemed to be hiding some sort of weakness.
“Oh no!” She suddenly skidded and fell onto the ground. It stomped the ground and a few shockwaves were launched towards her. She jumped and avoided the shockwaves but it jumped and rammed her towards the wall. It ran backwards and jumped again, attempting to finish it off but she jumped and threw her mielsta towards it, as if it was a spear. It pierced through the cerberus’s body and it fell onto the ground.
“Whoa, that was dangerous,” She teleported the mielsta back to her. She continued to swim further but the cerberus woke up and healed itself. It charged itself with wind aura and charged towards her. She jumped towards her back while launching some slash waves towards it. It was unharmed and spun around her. It howled on her, giving small wounds everywhere.
“What the….” She dashed backwards and healed herself. It jumped and attempted to stomp on her. She jumped and avoided the attack but a shockwave was formed and pushed her towards the ceiling. She fell onto the ground slowly. The cerberus jumped and attempted to slash her with its claws but she launched a few crescent slash waves towards it. Then, she launched the blade towards it. It was injured and fell onto the ground. A shockwave was formed again but this time, she cast barrier to protect herself.
“Persistent,” She teleported the blade back towards her mielsta. A few seconds later, it woke up and healed itself again. She wondered how much times it will heal itself and continue attacking her. This time, it charged itself with ice aura and launched some large sized ice shards towards her. She barely dodged them and got her suit ripped. She did the same on her mielsta but they were destroyed by the creberus’s claws.
“Damn…” She started to lose some stamina. She charged herself with electric aura and launched a few encased electric pulses towards it but they were absorbed as electric aura and it dashed towards her. She charged her mielsta with fire aura and threw it as if it was a lance. It evaded the attack and continued dashing towards her. The mielsta, which was looked like a chain lance, moved itself back towards her, piercing through the cerberus’s body and turned it into dusts.
“Phew,” She was too tired and started to discharge her aura. 15 minutes later, she stood up and continued to swim towards the dead end. She found the Khérista, an upgraded version of the mielsta, with Lacrei (an alloy made from 15% of titanium, 25% of aluminum, 20% of copper and 40% of scandium) chain and Kafrans (an alloy made from 50% palladium, 25% of iridium and 25% of indium) sword blade, which is 10 meters in length overall.
“Use it well to aid the chosen one. Finally, I can rest after all….” The mysterious sound appeared again and faded for the last time, as his final wish was completed.
“10 years aren’t a short time….” Creise sighed and went back to the entrance. At the meantime,
“Oh, you are the son of the exiled couple, aren’t you?” A humanoid demon, with dark wings and black plate armor, taunted Waryl.
“It is not your concern,” Waryl took out his sword.
“I cannot allow you to live,” She took out a halberd, which has three diamond shaped blades attached to a round blade. They both stared each other, knowing that only one of them will survive. The battle is unavoidable….


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