Route of Sea(Path 40-The Khérista Part Twelve)

“Well, looks like we have to fight,” Waryl charged his sword with yin yang aura and launched a few slash waves towards her. She blocked them and turned them into moon shaped blades and lunched them towards him. He dodged them, jumped towards her back and cross slashed her. She was pushed to the front and accidentally hit the moon shaped blades. Waryl launched a few slash waves towards her but she jumped backwards and shot a few laser beams towards him. He dashed backwards to avoid them.
“You are indeed skillful, but I’ll dig your grave here!” She charged herself with acid aura, flowed them into her sword and launched an encased acid blast towards him. The acid was neutralized when Waryl charged his sword with alkali aura and launched an encased alkali blast towards it. He dashed towards her while launching a few pulsar slash waves towards her. She deflected them and blocked his slash.
“I will make sure that you will fill the grave!” He flowed some ice aura into her arms to freeze her arms and slashed her legs. She was injured and healed herself. She kicked her and plus slashed (making a plus shaped slash) him. He was injured and his armor was broken into four pieces. She pointed her sword onto the ground and attempted to launch a rising ground wave but he broke her sword.
“You…how dare you…I won’t forgive this!” She recovered her sword, charged it and stabbed the ground. Some slash waves were launched towards him from where he stepped on. He was injured, but he ignored the injury and rammed her towards the wall. Then, he jumped backwards and healed himself, waiting her for her next move.
“Come on, demon. Aren’t you wanted to kill me?” He shouted at her. She jumped towards him and attempted to knock him out using her sword’s hilt, but he slammed his sword on her face as if he was swinging a baseball club. She was thrown away, but she quickly retaliated by launching a few slash waves towards him. He blocked them and dashed backwards.
“Arrogant,” She charged her sword with steam aura and dashed towards him.
“She is such a fool, unless…!” He jumped towards her back and attempted to stab her, but she spun around him and slashed his back. He was wounded at his back, despite the heat was quickly dissipated by the seawater. He healed himself and dashed away from her. He attempted to the same thing again but this time he dashed away from her and launched a few slash waves towards her. She blocked them, but he dashed towards her and stabbed through her sword. She was injured, but she slashed him away.
“I won’t allow you to get rid of me!” She healed herself and launched a few ground waves towards him. He dodged them and launched a few laser beams towards her. She absorbed them as photons in her sword and dashed towards him, attempting to launch a laser blade while slashing him, yet,
“You are dead,” He strafed to his left and launched a wave slash attack on her. She was fainted and teleported away. He continued swimming and reach the dead end, where a saint wearing a Taoist clothing waited for him.
“What do you want?” Waryl pointed his sword on the Taoist.
“I warn you, don’t ever try to rebel on us or you shall feel the wrath,” He took out a bronze sword and pointed it towards Waryl.
“The chosen one is not yours,” He became angry.
“It is not yours either,” The Taoist shouted.
“I will make sure that I’m with her forever,” He swam away from him, back to the entrance.
“Ignorant. I can’t believe that there are saints who refused to go back,” The Taoist teleported himself away. This is not the time they take rest yet….


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