Route of Sea(Path 41-Going Nowhere)

They all went out from the cave and continued swam northwards. They seemed to know nothing about where they should go.
“We are now in the Fen Ocean. We can have some nice rest somewhere near the islands, but then….” Serene tried to tell the others to get some rest but,
“This is our territory. You outsiders….” Suddenly, a man wearing sailor’s clothing with a weird badge swam towards them. The badge has three parallel swords pointing downwards and another three pointing rightwards behind them.
“I understand. We have no intends to bring those fights into your clan so don’t worry,” Kairos and Nastra replied him. He swam away from them. The others felt weird why they said such a thing.
“Who is that guy? And that badge…I never seen that before,” Fyen was wondering if there are any clans other than the ones she, Nastra and Kairos was in.
“He is from the Vrojae clan, a neutral clan that loves peace. Our clans, despite in a long war, never have any battles in the Fen Ocean as a respect over that clan’s peace policy,” Nastra answered him.
“So, should we continue to north or go to Straga Island? I’ll go anywhere,” Serene asked everyone.
“I think it’s better we go to Straga Island. We haven’t really have rest lately,” Creise told everyone.
“Yep,” Waryl and Kairos agreed with her. They continued swam northwards and arrived at the island a few days later. Oddly, there saw nothing but “a cliff”.
“Hey, the underwater area is at the back,” A guard who was guarding the area told them. They swam around the island and saw the underwater town. The houses were built as if they were in land. The houses mimicked the color of the sea, giving some sort of the optical illusion. The houses were scattered all over the area, though.
“Hmm…where should we go?” Serene was confused where to go, perhaps this is the first time she stepped in the northern lands. Then, a man with large body size, wearing like the guard, but added with a hat, a pair of insignias oh his shoulder and a chest plate went towards them.
“I heard that you are the chosen one for one of the holy weapons, huh? I have some valuable information for you. Let’s talk somewhere more comfortable,” He, with a few personal bodyguards of his, dragged them into his office, which is located at the center of the town. There was only a round table with some chairs in the room.
“What do you want, old man?” Serene asked him as if he is trying to imprison them.
“Watch your words or here’s your grave!” One of his bodyguards aimed a machine gun on Serene.
“Hold on. She’s known for her rudeness,” He told the body guards to stop. “My name is Bazre Krasne, the president of the Vrojae clan. We received reports that demons are now lurking around the Fen Ocean. We request your assistance in northern areas as we lose some men to them. I suspect that they were guarding a cave near Esqrei Island. Hopefully this will help you on your mission,” Bazre told everyone.
“I understand. Thank you for your information,” Serene and the others went out from the office and stocked their supplies.
“Should we start now?” Waryl asked Serene.
“No. We need rest after fighting inside Scile cave,” Kairos interrupted them. They left the town and rested on the seabed. Another mission starts….


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