Route of Sea(Path 42-Raiding Operation Part One)

The next morning,
“So, what is our next target?” Nastra asked Serene.
“I think we’ll go and scout around Ekin Island. They might be scouting near there for some assault. We must be careful,” Serene told everyone. They swam towards Ekin Island, an Island north from Straga Island but they were blocked by a sea snake on their way. It was sized as big as an anaconda.
“This must be sent by the demons. Let’s fight,” Serene took out her blade gun and shot a few laser bullets towards it but it was unharmed. It dashed straight towards her.
“Weak,” Nastra dashed towards its side and stabbed his knuckles into the sea snake. Then, he dragged it along the snake’s body. Blood oozes out from its body.
“Get lost,” Waryl charged his sword and launched a cross shaped slash wave towards it. It was turned into dusts. They were wondered why the snake was there. They continued to swimming towards Ekin Island and arrived there a few days later. The town like Straga Island but it was too silent, perhaps due to fearing that demons will raid them.
“Hey, what should I do? This place is fortified with barriers,” Scanta, another minion of demon lord, a hawk, asked through a sound portal.
“Crush it with your claws,” A mysterious sound answered it and the communication was closed. Suddenly, Serene and the others appeared at its back.
“Stop it or I’ll kill you!” Serene aimed her blade gun towards it.
“Oh. I’ve got company,” It flapped its wings, causing some flow on the sea, which threw them away. Waryl charged his sword with wind aura and launched a slash wave towards it, but it flapped its wings and the slash wave was deflected away.
“That strength…perhaps I know what to do,” Creise charged herself with non-elemental aura, waiting for its next move. A few seconds later, it launched a few slash waves from its claws. Creise drew a magic circle using a pen and the slash waves went inside the magic circle and they were disappeared.
“What?” Scanta charged itself with bolt (upgraded version of electric) aura and dashed towards them. The magic circle appeared again and this time, the slash waves were launched towards it. It was hit and electrocuted in an encased box. Nastra dashed to its back and launched a few punch waves towards it but it was blocked by the encasing instead.
“This will make sure it….” Waryl charged his sword with flame (upgraded version of fire) aura and dashed towards Scanta but it broke its encasing and slashed him using its sharp wings.
“I’m not died yet!” It dashed backwards and rammed Nastra, but the knuckles were stuck in the wings and it was injured. Kairos attached his sonar cannons with the fourth barrel on his shoulders and shot a few sonar wave pulses towards it. It was heavily injured.
“This is the end for you!” Creise dashed towards it and launched the double injury attack (an attack which the weapon is thrown towards the target, which ended up stabbed into the target and pulled out) using her khérista. It was turned into dusts. The townsperson went out, knowing that their threat was over.
“Thank you for your assistance, but you better go north now,” A guard told them.
“Why?” Serene asked him.
“If the demons can appear here, this means that….” He wanted to add on but,
“I understand. Let’s go, folks. We have some hard job now,” Serene told everyone and they left the island. The next battle will not be that easy….


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