Route of Sea(Path 43-Raiding Operation Part Two)

A few days later, they arrived at Squin Island underwater city. The houses were all arranged in rows, but the city hall was located at the north end of the city as a single building. The houses were built using wood instead of bricks.
“It seems like there’s nothing happening here,” Serene was looking at the city and found nothing special about it. Suddenly, they heard an explosion that comes from the city hall.
“Let’s go,” Serene and the others rushed inside. The hall was 100×100 meters big and 40 meters tall, with a 20×40 meters stage. Trisqla, a reaper was wreaking havoc in the hall, which was empty, trying to destroy the hall.
“Grenade shot!” Fyen charged her sniper with explosion aura and shot some bullet sized grenades towards it. It dashed towards them while dodging the shots. Waryl charged his sword and threw a piece of barrier towards it, but it missed. It took out a scythe and attempted to slash him but he blocked the attack and kicked it. It was thrown away. Serene shot a flame ignalial spell bullet on it but the spell was shielded by its cape.
“What?” Serene was shocked by the properties of that cape. Trisqla stood up and charged itself with bolt (upgraded version of electric) aura.
“Discharge seal!” Creise cast the spell on everyone and they were protected by the encased bolt astraea spell. The seal was broken by the spell. Kairos launched a few sonar wave pulses towards it while Nasta launched a few ground waves towards it. They were both deflected when it launched a crescent shaped slash wave towards them. They all jumped away from the counterattack.
“What the….” Fyen changed the bullets into knife bullets and shot a few bullets towards it. It attempted to dodge them, but the cape was slightly ripped. It charged its scythe with land (upgraded version of rock) aura and launched a few ground waves on them. They jumped and dodged the waves, but a shockwave formed when the slash waves hit the wall and they were hit. They were thrown away.
“Take…this….” Serene launched the blade from her gun. Then, she took out her salamander gun and launched a few aqua (upgraded version of water) ignalial spell bullets towards the blade. The bullet accelerated itself towards Trisqla. It was hit and the spell destroyed its cape.
“Hollow…as I expected,” Nastra dashed towards it and flowed some aqua aura into it. Then, Fyen shot a few bolt bullets towards it. It was electrocuted. Yet, it was not destroyed yet. It swung its scythe and wounded his body.
“What?” Nastra jumped away from it and healed himself. Kairos charged his cannon with toxin aura and launched a few poison waves towards it. It was hit and poisoned.
“….” It charged its scythe with electrons and launched an electron wave at all directions. Serene retracted its blade back towards her. The blade pierced through its body and it turned into dusts. The electron wave was dissipated as well.
“Phew, what a hard one this time,” Serene sighed. Everyone had some rest in the hall while waiting for people from the Vrojae clan to take over the place. A few minutes later,
“So, you are the ones who get rid of that demon, huh?” A stinger (knight which skilled in pole fighting) wearing a double I (an alloy made from 50% Iridium and 50% Indium) armor and using a spear sword (a type of sword which the blades of a sword is changed into a spear instead), who was standing outside of the hall asked them.
“Be grateful because we removed the threat for you. If not, perhaps this hall will crumble,” Serene bad mouthed him and walked out from the hall.
“What? How insolent. I challenge you for a match!” He launched a slash wave towards Serene. The battle is inevitable….


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