Route of Sea(Path 44-Aftermath)

“I’ll prove to you who are insolent!” Serene absorbed the slash waves in her gun and shot them back towards him. He deflected them away and launched a few slash waves towards him again.
“I’ll see how she will react,” He dashed along with the slash waves. She cast nova blast on her gun and shot it towards him. He jumped towards her and attempted to stab her but she aimed her gun towards him and he was thrown away. “I’ll kill you if I see you!”
“Let’s go. We don’t have time to lose,” Serene yelled at everyone. They left the city and continued swam to the north. A few days later, they arrived at Squin Island underwater town. Unlike other underwater areas, there were lots of anchors sank on the seabed, showing that there were lots of ship lying above them. People not just simply come in and out from the town, but climbing up and down the chains hooked onto the anchors, showing that this place is popular among people who live above water.
“No signs of demons here,” Serene looked around the town.
“Let’s rest at here. We won’t know when the demons will strike here,” Waryl told everyone.
“You are right. In fact, don’t you want another blade gun?” Kairos asked Serene.
“I doubt if someone can forge such a weapon. But then, no weapon exists as it is, isn’t it?” Serene replied him. They went inside the town and searched for weaponsmith shops. A few minutes later, Serene found a shop, which its walls and floors were, glittering.
“Can I help you? The owner, who was wearing black robe, white gloves and green shoes, asked her.
“Do you know how to forge this weapon?” Serene took out her blade gun and handed it to her. She was shocked when she saw the blade gun.
“This weapon…how nostalgic…I’ll see if there is another one….” Tears fell off from her eyes and she went inside a room. A few minutes later, she came out with a pair of blade guns. There were eight blades attached in a circular formation, as if it was an etnaral sword. The cartridge slots were elongated. The shooting mode turns from fully manual to semi automatic.
“I upgraded the blade guns for you. As far as I know, it can be further upgraded using suitable materials. Hopefully you can find them,” She handed the weapons to Serene.
“How much….” Serene wanted to pay for the upgrades but she refused.
“It is free. At least this is what I can do for the chosen one,” She told her while still slightly crying. Perhaps the weapon is not really forged by her, but someone else dear to her.
“Thanks. I’ll make sure that my destiny will be completed,” Serene left the shop. She continued searching for other shops that might have some suitable parts for her blade gun. A few minutes later, she found a weapon shop. Oddly, it offers customization service, which is rarely offered in underwater weapon shops.
“Any customizations available for this weapon?” Serene handed her blade gun to a shopkeeper, who wears a blue jacket, a protective mask for welding works and a shield reinforced jeans.
“I think you should use this type of bullet,” He took out a sword shaped beam bullet cartridge to her.
“Is it ammo free (infinite bullets)?” Serene asked him.
“Yes. 450 Gleds for a pair,” He answered her. He seemed to know that she was going to buy the cartridge.
“Thanks!” She handed the money to the shopkeeper and left the shop with the paid pair of cartridges. She inserted them into the guns’ cartridge slot and found out that they were lighter.
“Good. I’m more ready to fight,” Serene looked at the blade guns, seemed to be satisfied for the upgrades. Suddenly, a dark portal appeared on the sea surface. Looks like another demon is appearing….


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