Route of Sea(Path 45-Raiding Operation Part Three)

Phyrn, a skeleton, which is another minion of demon lord, emerged from the dark portal. It carried an inverted double hoe lance. The tips on the lance were attached to the rod while retaining the hoe parts. It launched a few circular slash waves while dashing backwards.
“Damn….” Creise drew a magic circle using her pen and let the slash wave went inside the magic circle. Realizing the trick, Phyrn teleported towards their back and dashed backwards towards them. The magic circle appeared in front of it. It smiled wickedly and swam upwards, letting the slash wave went out from the magic circle towards them. They spread out and dodged the slash wave.
“What?” Serene was shocked by its trick. She shot a few holy (upgraded version of light) covalanax spell bullets but they were blocked when it used its lance. Yet, the spell was still cast on it. Lots of magic circles formed around him in a spherical formation. Crosses were launched towards it through the magic circles. They pierced through its body but it was unharmed.
“You think you can defeat me? Go and dream about it in your slumber!” Phryn charged its lance and threw it towards them. Creise broke it into two by throwing the Khérista as if it was a lance towards it. Yet, it was still directed towards them. Nastra took the half while Waryl took another half but they were electrocuted. They let go of the broken lance parts and they were dropped onto the seabed. At the meantime, the Khérista was moved towards Phryn. Phryn blocked it using its palm, but it was slightly cracked.
“What? This is impossible!” Creise took out her trident and launched a few stab waves towards it. They were deflected away when Phryn charged the Khérista with metal aura and threw it towards her. Fyen and Kairos slowed it down by shooting the bullets towards it. Creise took and recovered it.
“Let’s see how it’ll react with this,” Nastra teleported himself to its back and launched a wave punch attack (an attack which launch a punch wave and punches the target at the same time) on it bit his knuckles were damaged instead. It dashed towards his back and kicked him. He was thrown out from the water.
“Looks like I’ll have to use this,” Waryl kept his sword into his dimensional storage and took out a bone crusher sword. It was made from 15% titanium, 10% calcium, 15% iron, 10% wolfram, 10% of zirconium, 5% of rhenium, 15% of vanadium and 20% of zinc. The blade has some razor blades at its side. He charged his sword with metal aura and launched a few slash waves towards it.
“I don’t fear of what so called destroyed weapons!” It teleported the broken parts of the lance, recovered them and used it to block the slash waves. Then, it dashed towards Waryl, tring to break his body into pieces.
“Get lost, demon,” Waryl charged his sword with metal aura and focused it on the tip. Then, he held it as if he was holding a knife. They both blocked each other’s attack when they get close. Yet, Waryl kicked and cross slashed it. It was turned into dusts. Waryl recovered his sword and kept it into his dimensional storage.
“Where you get such a weapon?” Fyen was amazed by his sword’s power.
“My master gave it to me as a death wish. Let’s go and wipe them out once and for all!” Waryl told everyone. They left the town and continued swimming northwards. At the meantime,
“Reziar, get rid of them,” A mysterious sound ordered her.
“Yes, master,” She teleported herself away. Looks like another demon will stop them….


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