Route of Sea(Path 46-Raiding operation Part Four)

While they were on their way, Reziar, a human who sided the demons, who is another minion of demon lord, stopped them. She was wearing white gold armor with a magnalium sword.
“So you are the ones who stopped our attempts. No wonder,” She charged her sword with bolt aura and launched a few encased bolt strikes towards everyone. They were hit and electrocuted. Serene charged her blade guns and shot a few slash waves towards her. She dodged them and dashed towards her.
“This is dangerous,” Creise healed everyone. She charged her khérista and launched a few crescent slash waves towards Reziar, but she dodged them. Then, Fyen dashed to Serene’s back and attempting to snipe her but she cast bolt ignalial on the sniper. The spell was absorbed as the bullets’ aura instead. Fyen shot them but the bullets’ movements were sensed and they were blocked using her sword.
“Take this!” Serene charged her blade guns with photons and shot some sword shaped laser beams. They were blocked, but Serene dashed towards her and stabbed her. She was shocked by such an attack. Serene injured her further by shooting more sword shaped laser beams and pulling out her blade gun. Knowing that she will counterattack, she dashed away from her.
“You are not getting away with this!” Reziar charged her sword and launched a few pulsar slash waves towards Serene but Nastra blocked them using his knuckles. Waryl dashed towards her back and launched a cross shaped wave slash attack towards her. She was injured but she managed to stab her sword backwards and injured Waryl. She swam upwards and launched a few homing slash waves towards Waryl.
“Not so fast!” Kairos charged his sonar cannons and shot some wave pulses, which blocked the homing slash waves. Fyen aimed her sniper and shot her, but she sensed Fyen’s movements and dashed randomly to avoid the bullets. Waryl dashed towards her and attempted to attack her at short range but she blocked his attacks and letting the bullets from Fyen’s sniper hit him. Nastra took the chance by teleporting himself towards Reziar’s back and punched her a few times. She was injured, but she teleported herself towards Fyen’s back and cross slashed her.
“….” Fyen knocked her neck and shot a few bullets towards her. She was injured and swam away, trying to heal herself.
“Don’t let her get away!” Kairos charged his cannon and launched some double helix wave pulses towards her. She blocked the using her sword, but her sword was cracked. She recovered her sword and completed her healing. She charged her sword with wind aura. The sword’s blades were split, forming a gap between them. Then, she shot a cyclone blast towards them. Their armors were cracked.
“Here shall be your grave,” She charged her sword with photons and attempted to shot everyone with a light blast but,
“You are not winning yet!” Creise charged her khérista with metal aura and threw it towards her. It destroyed the central blade and stuck inside the central blade slot. Yet, the charge was ready and she shot the blast. Kairos charged his cannon and shot a dual blast. They pierced through the light blast and turned her to dusts. Kairos was exhausted and fainted.
“Fool. Exhausting the energy that way…I can’t imagine how much energy he expended for that blast,” Creise took her khérista and recovered him. A few minutes later, he woke up.
“Well, at least we are safe now, isn’t it?” Kairos teased her.
“Next time, if you do that, I’ll make sure that you’ll regret it,” Creise warned him.
“Let’s go. The demons’ lair is near,” Serene yelled at everyone. They continued swimming northwards. The operation continues….


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