Route of Land(Path 47-Raiding Operation Part Five)

After another few days, they arrived at Esqrei Island. There was no residential area around the island, but there is a cave inside.
“So, what should we do?” Kairos asked Serene.
“Search the cave. I’m sure that the main culprit is inside,” Serene told him. Everyone went inside, but suddenly the cave was closed. Outside of the cave,
“This will make them busy. Now let’s sink some ships for now,” An unknown demon was talking to another unknown demon.
“Yes, master,” They teleported themselves away. Back into the cave,
“Can’t we break it?” Nastra asked everyone,
“This is not possible. Even if we are able to break the blockage, we will have to break the seal, which is a big waste of time. We bust it in and get out from here quickly,” Serene told everyone. They continued their swimming. It seemed that the cave was not really a cave, but a tunnel of sorts. It was curvy and there were no straight paths. Suddenly, a lancer appeared in front of them. He was wearing stainless steel armor and holding a titanium lance.
“Kairos Ceradig, the traitor of the Antria clan, you are sentenced to death by our clan’s disciplinary board. Now go back with us and accept the death sentence!” He told Kairos.
“Sorry, but my death is not determined by anyone!” Kairos charged his sonar cannons and launched a few sonar wave pulses towards him. He blocked them using his lance. Then, he dashed towards Kairos. Nastra stopped him and punched his shoulders.
“Stopping me? Looks like you want taste the feel of death as well,” He charged his lance and attempted to stab Nastra. Nastra blocked the attack using his knuckles but his knuckles were cracked. He destroyed the knuckles by swinging his lance upwards.
“Stay back, Kairos. We’ll handle it from here,” Waryl dashed towards his back and attempted to slash him, but he was kicked at his stomach. Nastra recovered his knuckles and attempted to punch him but he blocked it using his hands and spun him. He charged his lance and swung it horizontally. They both were injured.
“Curse you….” They healed themselves and retreated from him. Creise took out her khérista and straightened it. She dashed towards her, attempting to stab him but he dashed to her back.
“Not so fast!” Creise caught his lance and threw him towards the wall. She smashed the wall, but he was only slightly injured. He healed himself and launched a few slash waves towards her. She dodged them and launched a few crescent slash waves towards him. He absorbed them into his lance. Suddenly,
“Don’t forget us!” Fyen aimed her sniper and shot a few bullets towards him. He was able to dodge them, but Serene shot a few flame ignalial spell bullets towards him. The bullets and the spells hit him. Creise took the chance and dashed towards him.
“Infinite slash!” She reset her khérista and swung it repeatedly on him. His armor was broken.
“You’ve won this time, but next time you all shall be exterminated!” He teleported himself away.
“Looks like we are in trouble now,” Serene sighed. “Anyway, thanks for accompanying me, even we are in such a situation,”
“Don’t worry. We are now in a mission given by the gods, so we’ll honor it no matter what,” Kairos winked at her.
“Those scums won’t know what the real meaning of peace is,” Nastra clenched his fists. At the meantime,
“Looks like we fell into the traps of the demons. Divert the attacks towards the demons,” A captain told his crew. Looks like the demons’ threat is not over yet….


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