Route of Sea(Path 48-Raiding Operation Part Five)

A few days later, they left the tunnel and appeared at the northern ocean. It was very cold and there were lots of small sized ice shards floating on the surface. They sensed concentrated evil (upgraded version of dark) aura above them. They surfaced and saw some ships raging wars with a few demons flying in the air.
“What should we do?” Serene asked everyone.
“Let’s go and help them. We can’t let the demons escape,” Fyen told her.
“Let’s sink those one of them first,” Serene aimed her blade guns towards one of them and shot a few holy (upgraded version of light) magnarid bullets towards it. It was hit and fell into the water.
“Looks like you get rid of that guy. But you will not get rid of me!” Dransk, an evil dragon taunted them. Creise charged her khérista and launched an infinity shaped slash wave towards it, but it launched some breath waves and deflected them away.
“What? This is bad….” Creise started became anxious. Waryl teleported to its back but he was whacked using its tail. Fyen quickly shot a few tranquilizer bullets towards it but its body suddenly became lighter.
“Ha! Don’t think that we demons are the same with those monsters around here!” It dashed towards her and attempted to swing it tail but the tail was broken when Nastra charged his knuckles with metal aura and punched its tail. Then, it rammed him towards the seabed. He punched its body a few times using his fists but it was unharmed.
“Not so fast, you jerk!” Kairos charged his sonar cannons and launched a few double helix wave pulses towards Dransk and it was injured.
“You’ve won this time. But next time it shall be you final battle!” He teleported himself away. The other demons were also gone. Yet, a few pirates dived into the sea and confronted them.
“What? Why are you helping us?” They were shocked that they saw Kairos, Fyen and Nastra were together.
“We are eliminating our enemies,” Kairos answered them with a stern tone, perhaps knowing that they might attempt to catch himself. At the meantime, on a fishing ship owned by a fisherman, the leaders from the clans were negotiating. The fishing ship was used because the negotiation is neutral and they both want it to be done fair and square.
“It’s time to cease fire after years of war,” Marsei Pharkof, the leader of the Pharkof clan told Wrenfa Antria, the leader of the Antria clan.
“Are you sure about it, boss?” Their bodyguards were shocked by his statement. Back to the sea,
“Our boss wants to see all of you. Don’t worry; you won’t be executed this time. Come with us,” One of the pirates told them.
“What should we do? What if they trick us?” Kairos asked Nastra.
“Just go. If they trick us, we’ll just beat them into a pulp, right?” Serene winked at everyone.
“Alright. But in case anything happens you are going to take full responsibility on this matter. Is this clear for you?” Fyen asked her.
“I can assure you that they are in peace right now or we are watching those guys fighting among themselves, right?” Serene answered her. The others looked at the clothing of the pirates and noticed that the badges on their chests are different.
“Come faster, will ya?” The pirates shouted at them. They quickly followed their trails and went towards the fishing ship. 10 minutes later, they arrived at fishing ship and went towards the deck, where the leaders were negotiating.
“If they can unite, why don’t we?” Wrenfa told the bodyguards. Looke like things will get better….


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