Route of Sea(Path 49-Mini Clan War)

“Yeah, their existence proved to us that we can co-operate. Especially nowadays some clans requested our help to exterminate evil pirates after failed getting any from that stinking selfish Vrojae clan,” Marsei answered her. He stared her eyes deeply, perhaps having a crush on her.
“There are evil pirates out there which robbed all clans lately. This is quite serious as some small clans were forced to combine to fight against the evil pirates,” Wrenfa told them. “Now, we officially request you to help us to deal with the pirates. We received reports that they will send some elite one to attack us,” Suddenly,
“How dare you insult our clan? Take this!” A gunner wearing Kevlar suit aimed his gun on them. Nastra punched his chin and knocked him to the sea.
“Looks like we have enemies lurking around here. Be careful, boss,” Kairos told Wrenfa and looked around the sea.
“Go get some cover in the ship. We’ll take everything from here, boss,” Fyen aimed her sniper, scouting for enemies hiding underwater. Serene, Waryl and Creise dived into the sea, looking around for the enemies hiding inside the sea. They saw a few of them and launched long range attack on them. They were defeated quickly. Suddenly, a slayer (a knight who uses scythes or sickles instead of swords) appeared in front of them.
“Prepare for death!” He attempted to slash them but it was blocked. They were shocked that Cicarta was helping them.
“Let me fight him. Perhaps this will pay my sin on you,” Cicarta told them. They were teleported to the deck of the ship. Cicarta kicked him and launched a few punch waves towards him. He blocked the punch waves and launched a few crescent slash waves towards Cicarta but Cicarta absorbed them into his knuckles and dashed towards him. He was punched repeatedly and he was heavily injured. His armor was shattered and its pieces were floating in the sea. He was teleported away. At the meantime, in a store room in the ship,
“So you scums have stopped the war. Looks like I have to ignite the war, I guess,” A magician taunted Marsei and Wrenfa.
“Looks like you want to get your clan’s name even stinker than ever,” Marsei replied him with a sarcastic tone while dashing towards him.
“Fool,” Wrenfa cast flame astraea on him and he was burned. Yet, he absorbed the flames and punched it on Marsei. He dodged the attack and kicked him. He took out a constantan sword and plus slashed him. He was teleported away.
“Now, who is the idiot?” He winked at Wrenfa. She was blusing and walked out towards the deck. He sighed at a window and walked out as well.
“What is actually happening?” Serene asked everyone.
“Vrojae clan has announced war against us. Looks like we have to face two threats at the same time,” Marsei told her.
“Wait…if the evil pirates’ threat is not over yet, it is possible that the Vrojae clan will suffer from pirates. What puzzles me is why they would still try to rage wars on us?” Kairos asked Wrenfa.
“Don’t you know that Vrojae clan is an exceptionally strong clan? 50 years ago, a few clans combined forces and attempted to attack the clan but they were almost destroyed instead. With such powers, the pirates are an easy target despite they do lost some ships to them. But I heard some rumors that they did that to lure the pirates and destroy the pirates once and for all,” Wrenfa answered her.
“You are totally right on this, but Marsei must apologize to us at first or I’ll send people to sink his reserve ship,” Bazre suddenly appeared in front of nowhere. This is something odd….


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