Route of Sea(Path 50-New Plan)

“Then, explain why your clan refused to help to eliminate pirates at the first place,” Marsei took out his sword and pointed it on him.
“Alright. You don’t have to apologize then,” Bazre told him. “What do you think? Is it possible?” He looked at Wrenfa and asked her.
“No. The pirates are as smart as us. We better go straight towards Corscaf Island at the north and destroy their base,” Wrenfa answered him. They had a sit on the table located at the center of the deck, which was still in good condition.
“Looks like I have to send some of my ships, I guess,” Bazre sighed.
“Yes. Your clan is considered as selfish so this is a good chance to clear your name,” Marsei pointed his finger to Bazre. “What amazes me is they do not really attack the ships, despite they do sink a few ships if the crews were acting arrogantly. Maybe they want to get something,” He added.
“It must be the holy items. I’m sure about it. People of your clans do doubt my qualifications as the chosen one at the first place and I’m sure that they want to prove that I am not eligible as the chosen one. I think I’ll send a letter to them,” Serene interrupted them and took out a piece of paper. “A pen, please,” Serene asked everyone. Waryl handed her a ball point pen. She wrote a letter like this:
“Dear the pirates,

I know what you want. You want to prove yourselves that you are more eligible to become the chosen one, right? Then, sent only one person to challenge me in a battle, tomorrow 1100. You will see a fishing ship in the northern ocean north of the Vrojae clan territory. If you win, I’ll hand you the holy items that I’ve got and I’ll help you to get them. If I win, cease all attack on the ships immediately.

Yours truly,
Serene Foltaf aka ‘The Chosen One’”
Serene put the letter in a white envelope and handed it on Bazre. He teleported it to the pirates’ base in Corscaf Island.
“Let’s give them some time to reply,” Wrenfa told everyone. At the meantime, in the pirates’ base in Corscaf Island,
“Looks like she dares us to challenge her. Perhaps we need to teach that bitch a lesson,” A mysterious sound appeared from nowhere.
“Don’t forget that this is our fault. You can’t expect her to be kind of us,” A mage who was sitting on a throne replied him. Suddenly, a travelling merchant showed himself up. He was wearing titanium thread suit, Kevlar gloves and double I boots.
“Let me fight her. I’m sure that you don’t want to ruin our name, right?” He told the mage.
“Are you sure about this, Lefin Kisdre? Despite we are not going to expect a win, we do not expect an ungraceful lose as well,” The mage told him.
“Yeah, we cannot let others think that we are the bullies. Damn those filthy demons!” A heavy knight (knights who use heavy weapons) appeared and told the mage.
“Janus Phiros, aren’t you supposed to rest by now?” The mage felt weird of his presence.
“Let me fight her. I know how to deal with her,” He changed into lighter equipment using magic.
“Remember what I’ve said just now. And, take this letter when you see her tomorrow,” The mage threw a scroll towards him. He took it and left the room with Lefin. Back to the ship,
“It seems that they do not reply,” Wrenfa lost her patience.
“I think they will reply when they sent their man to us,” Cicarta told everyone.
“Well, this is it for now. We’ll deal with this later on after the battle next morning,” Marsei told everyone and they teleported themselves away. In the sea,
“Let’s fight,” Serene dashed backwards and pointed her gun towards Waryl.
“Consider this a practice,” Waryl took out his sword. The rest stayed aside. The promised battle starts….


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