Route of Sea(Path 51-The Promised Battle Part One)

Waryl started his attack by launching a reversed slash wave towards Serene. She dashed downwards and shot a few bullets towards him. He reflected them indirectly towards her. Oddly, the bullets went inside the gun instead and became jammed.
“That bastard,” Serene charged her gun and shot out the bullets. The blade gun was recovered.
“Using one? Isn’t that she usually uses a pair? She is trying to trick me,” Waryl charged his sword with metal aura and blocked the shots. Yet, the bullets broke the barrier formed around the sword, forcing Waryl to flow some aura into the barrier reinforce jewel and reform the barrier. He threw a few barrier pieces towards Serene.
“Wimp,” Serene charged herself and charged through the barrier pieces. Then, she stabbed Waryl using her blade gun. Yet, Waryl slashed her back a few times, forcing her to dash backwards. They both healed themselves and stared at each other sharply.
“He is hiding something. I haven’t seen such a fighting style, even among the ones who live in the land,” Serene started to feel suspicious of Waryl.
“She fights this battle as if it is the battle against the pirates. At least she is looking at this seriously,” Waryl smiled. He charged his sword and launched a sword shaped barrier towards her. She destroyed it and shot a few flame astraea spell bullets towards him. He launched a few slash waves to deflect them away while teleporting himself to Serene’s back, attempting to slash Serene at the back but she kicked him and shot a few sword shaped laser beams towards him. He was injured, but he quickly dashed away from her and healed himself.
“She is persistent. I must change my strategy,” Waryl charged his sword and stabbed it onto the ground. Shockwaves were spread from the ground. Serene charged her blade guns with aqua aura and shot it onto the ground, but Waryl knocked them back towards Serene like a baseball player. The bullets hit her and she was injured. Waryl attempted to dash towards her and launch a plus shaped wave slash attack but she shot some slash waves towards him, preventing him from dashing forward.
“Don’t ever underestimate my potential in fighting!” Serene took out another blade gun and changed the beam bullet cartridges with wave bullet cartridges. She shot some wave pulses towards Waryl but they were blocked.
“Since when she became Kairos? How dare she do that! Alright, if this is it, I’ll use the knuckles!” Waryl threw his sword away and put up a pair of brass knuckles on his fists. He charged them with flame aura and launched a few heat punch waves towards her. They were cancelled when Serene shot some aqua wave pulses towards them. Serene charged her blade guns and dashed towards him. Some of the wave bullets were consumed and some unknown waves surrounded the blade guns.
“My trick is exposed, eh? Let’s see if you are smart enough to deal with this!” She shot a few wave pulses and stabbed him. Then, she pulled them out, causing additional injuries on him. He retaliated by shooting a sun beam towards her. They were both injured and dashed away from each other. They had some rest and healed themselves, knowing that they will not be able to fight at the current state.
“Looks like your skills are now much better than that of the first time I met you,” Waryl praised Serene.
“You have finally showed some of your inner strength. Thanks for fulfilling the promise,” Serene winked at him. 30 minutes later, they were fully recovered.
“Want to continue?” Serene asked him. The sea was as calm as usual, without much sea waves.
“Let’s start!” They both stood up. The fight continues….


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