Route of Sea(Path 52-The Promised Battle Part Two)

Serene started her attack by charging her blade guns with toxin (upgraded version of poison) and shot a few toxin waves towards Waryl. Realizing that she cannot shot any spell bullets, she quickly changed the cartridges with desperado bullets and shot a few encased toxin ignalial spell bullets towards him.
“Changing tactics? I’ll do that as well,” Waaryl charged his knuckles and threw it to block the waves and bullets. Then, he took out his psignet sword. The side blades were slanted upwards. He charged his sword with land aura. A few seabed rocks were formed on the central blade and quickly launched like a cannon.
“This is even more suspicious to me,” Serene charged his blade guns with frost (upgraded version of ice) aura and shot a few frost shards towards the seabed rocks. They were both shattered when they collide with each other. Serene shot another few frost shards towards him. He dodged them and dashed towards Serene.
“I’m sure that she will be surprised with this attack,” He charged his sword with photons and formed an extended laser blade from his sword’s front edges. Then, he shot it towards her. She dodged it, but he formed another one and slashed her. The laser blade was slashed through her body and she was heavily injured. She spun herself and kicked him while shooting him repeatedly.
“What the….” She healed herself and dashed away from him. He healed himself as well.
“Curses….” His armor was shattered into pieces, but it was recovered. Serene charged her blade guns and shot a few sword shaped laser beams towards Waryl. He absorbed them and shot them back towards her. She dodged them while shooting a few encased bolt ignalial bullets towards him. He charged his sword and knocked them away as if a cricket player hitting a ball. There were no spells cast on him.
“How can he…do that?” Serene was shocked. Waryl charged his sword and launched a few circular slash waves towards her. Then, he teleported himself towards Serene’s back and attempted to cross slash her but she teleported herself away and he ended up reflecting the circular slash waves towards her.
“Smart, but you are too smart to be a mariner,” Serene dodged the counterattack. She kept her blade guns in her dimensional storage and took out a pair of rocket launchers. She shot a few rockets towards him, but he dashed backwards and avoided them. They hit the ground, forming “smokes” and hindered their vision. She sensed his movement in the “smoke” She threw the rocket launchers away, took out her salamander guns and shot a few wind covalanax spell bullets towards him.
“You think I don’t know what you are doing?” He let the bullets passed through the space between his legs. Yet, he was hit by another few cyclone ignalial bullets. He was thrown out from the ocean for a few seconds.
“I win!” She aimed to the sky and shot a few flame covalanax spell bullets towards him but the spell was cancelled when he fell into the sea.
“No, you lose,” He charged his sword with metal aura and launched a wave slash attack towards her. She blocked it using her guns and shot a few metal ignalial bullets towards him. Some metal plates pierced through him from below.
“Looks like I lose to you,” Waryl dashed backwards and healed himself.
“It is you who retreated from the battle. You might win if you continue,” Serene replied him. They both swam towards the others.
“Nice practice. Let’s have some rest for now,” Kairos told them. They had some rest in the seabed. The next day’s battle will not be easy….


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