Route of Sea(Path 53-Challenge Battle Part One)

The next morning, Serene swam towards the fishing ship and waited for the challenger to come. A few minutes later, a slayer wearing Phranq (an alloy made from 20% cobalt, 20% titanium, 20% palladium and 20% zinc) alloy and using Kiserin (an alloy reinforced with sapphire coating and made from 50% vanadium and 50% manganese) scythe appeared.
“Before we start anything, please read this letter first,” He threw a scroll towards her. She read the letter. It wrote:
“Dear Serene,

Much apologizes to you and the pirates as some of my crews act ruthlessly against you. Yet, most of the attacks were done by the demons disguised as us. The purpose of this battle is no longer to settle the score, but just rather a friendly match between us. We are now fending off the demons so sorry if the fighter we’ve sent is too weak for you, but I’m sure that it will be a good battle. Still, I’m officially requesting you and the pirates, especially the Pharkof clan and Antria clan, to help us exterminating them. Hopefully you’ll agree.

Yours Truly,
Erpha Ksinal
Chief Commander of Lhanaz clan”
Serene threw the scroll towards the fishing ship. Wrenfa took the scroll and read it.
“Those demons again…we can’t let them escape,” Wrenfa told everyone.
“Let’s destroy them once and for all!” Marsei took out a piece of paper and wrote:
“Dear Erpha,

Thanks for the information. Expect us some time for us to reach your headquarters and see if we can do anything. We shall co-operate in this matter.

Yours Truly,
Marsei Pharkof &Wrenfa Antria
Leaders of Pharkof clan and Antria clan”
He sealed the letter and threw it towards the sea. The slayer picked it up and read it.
“Thanks. My name is Janus Phiros. Shall we begin?” Janus asked Serene.
“Bring it on!” Serene took out her blade guns and aimed at him. He started his attack by launching a few slanted shaped slash waves towards her. She retaliated by shooting some bullets to deflect them away. Then, he dashed towards her and rammed her onto the seabed using the end of his scythe’s blade. A hole was formed on her Kevlar suit.
“I do not come here to lose,” He slashed her and attempted to slash her again but,
“Me too, you dumbass!” Serene kicked him and shot a few encased bolt covalnax spell bullets towards him. He was electrocuted, but he managed to earth the charged to the ground and healed himself. He dashed backwards, waiting for his next move. She charged her blade gun and shot a few slash waves towards him. They were combined and moved faster.
“This is not going to defeat me!” He absorbed the slash wave and stabbed the ground. Slash wave astraea was cast on her. She broke the magic circles formed on her head and dashed towards him, knowing that he will launch the broken pieces before they fade out. He charged his scythe with land aura and stabbed the ground again. This time, some ground waves were launched towards her. Rock stalagmites were struck up from the ground along with the ground wave.
“Oh, want to stop me?” Serene charged her blade guns with photons and formed a laser blade on her blades’ tips, extending its attack range. She jumped and launched the laser blades towards him and shot a few flame fizat bullets towards him. The laser blades were blocked, but the spells were cast. A magic circle was formed above his head and heat waves were launched from it downwards. He was hit and injured. The battle is not over yet….


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