Route of Sea(Path 54-Challenge Battle Part Two)

“You are indeed eligible to become the chosen one, but you are not defeating me just yet!” Janus straightened his scythe, changing it into a slanted blade lance.
“No wonder he was sent,” Serene removed the blades and inserted short lances into the guns’ barrels. She charged her lance and shot a salvo of stab waves towards him but he deflected every single shot directed towards him. He dashed towards her, attempting to slash her from his right, but she blocked it and attempted to shot a stab wave to break the lance.
“I know what are you doing,” He charged his lance and deflected the stab wave, but it hit through his nose. She quickly charged another lance and launched a wave stab attack (an attack that launches a stab wave and stabs the target at the same time) on him. He flowed some bolt aura towards her and she was electrocuted.
“What? This is not a friendly match,” She dashed backwards and they both healed themselves.
“My nose….” He rubbed his nose, which was still hurts. Serene changed her bullets with wave bullets shot some wave pulses towards him. He reverted the weapon in scythe form and deflected them away by launching a few slash waves. He charged his scythe with toxin aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Toxin was flowing inside her body.
“Fool,” She recovered herself from the toxin and healed herself. She charged his bullets with land aura and shot some land waves towards the ground. Invisible shockwaves were formed on the ground and made him fell down. She dashed towards him and attempted to finish him off by stabbing him, but he woke up and launched a wave slash attack on her. She was pushed 10 meters away.
“Curses,” He jumped while holding his scythe with right hand had his left hand took out a sword.
“The drag stab attack (an attack that drags the target towards the attacker by pulling his weapon at the target’s back and stabs the target immediately)? Don’t ever think about it,” She charged her blade guns and slid past him while shooting some heat wave pulses towards him. He was hit by the wave pulses, but he quickly jumped backwards. He continued to dash towards her, trying to launch the attack.
“You won’t avoid this again,” He charged his scythe with bolt aura and stabbed it onto the ground. A few encased ground strikes were launched.
“Persistent, but your tricks won’t work on me!” She spun around him to his back and shot a few freeze waves towards him, but this time he jumped backwards out from the water towards her and she was attacked using the drag stab attack. She countered by stabbing him from his sides, charged her blade guns with photons and launched some laser blasts on him. He was fainted.
“Wake up, loser!” Serene healed him and shouted at him.
“This is the first time I lose when I was launching that attack. We will meet again,” He healed her and teleported himself away.
“I know that. Let’s fight the demons together,” Serene mumbled while swimming towards the fishing ship. At the fishing ship’s deck, which the desk was still there,
“Won already?” Waryl asked her with a sarcastic tone.
“I doubt you’ll win if you fight against him,” She bad mouthed him back.
“Stop that useless bickering, will ya?”Kairos and Creise, who were lying against the ship, stopped them from bickering. A few seconds later, Marsei and Wrenfa appeared in front of them.
“We have to go now. We received reports from Mefino clan that the pirates will attack their clan tomorrow morning. We must move now. Engage everyone!” Marsei told everyone.
“Yes sir!” They answered. They will have some time for rest….


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