Route of Sea(Path 55-Night Talk Part One)

At night, the fishing ship was docked near the Tiria clan’s ships, waiting for tomorrow’s assault. The clan members were assembling long range weapons while waiting for further reinforcements. Yet, Serene and the others were resting. Near the sea area where lots of ice shards floating, Fyen and Nastra were discharging their auras.
“Nastra, do you think this is the fate of gods that we are chosen to fight along with Serene?” Fyen asked him. He swam towards the surface and looked at the moon.
“Perhaps it is us who let ourselves to walk the path given to us,” He looked at Fyen, who was swimming towards him.
“Well, do you remember how we are paired?” Nastra looked at her face.
“That was 10 years ago, when we first joined the Pharkof clan. We entered the qualification battle back then and I ended up fight against you for two hours. Marsei was angry over that and paired us together. We both qualified to join the clan because of that,” Fyen sighed while looking at the crews, who were still working on assembling long range weapons.
“Yeah, we were spending our teenage times with the clan while having our personal times together at various outposts. Those times…I really missed them. We have our battles as if they are the personal dates of ours, getting numerous honors from the leaders, and that memorable day….” Nastra looked away from her.
“That day…quite a mess as well. We have to fight those people who ambushed us just when we want to have the first kiss. It was quite fun fighting them too. Despite they are weak, they are extremely well equipped and we had a rough time to defeat them all. After we beat them into a pulp, they even gave us a pair of platinum rings. That was just plain funny,” She laughed.
“Yeah, I just can’t imagine why they know we are a couple,” He laughed as well.
“Our name was spread wide since the last war against the Antria clan. We defeated the whole front line fighters before we were forced to retreat when more reinforcements came. At least we can really enjoy peace after the demons were exterminated,” Fyen dashed away from her and took out a fluorescent sword. “Want some fight?” She winked at him.
“Keep that for tomorrow. We need to keep our strength,” He swam towards her and held her hands.
“Well, this is the first time you became so considerate, aren’t you? You used to be such a maniac when it comes to fighting,” Fyen kept her sword into her dimensional storage.
“What is your plan after this? Are we really going with them again or let her go on her own?” Nastra asked her with a soft tone.
“Since that we have gone so far in this path, why don’t we go to the end. We can plan things later on,” Fyen swam back into the sea.
“What are the plans we can have? I think it’s just going get some students, take over leadership in our hometown, repair our old houses and….” Nastra argued with her but suddenly he blushed.
“And what? I know what you meant by that,” Fyen dashed towards his back.
“About that, we can plan that later on. What is more important now is to have our duties done. Don’t forget that,” Nastra reminded her.
“I know. At least we can’t let our guard down for now,” Fyen replied him. “Hand me your knuckles, please,” She added.
“Your sniper. Don’t forget that,” He told her. They both handed the weapons and repaired them. The night is just as calm….


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