Route of Sea(Path 56-Night Talk Part Two)

At the meantime, Kairos and Creise were scouting around the sea, hoping that no one ambush them at night.
“Remember the first time we meet? That time was really a disaster to you,” Kairos told her.
“Yeah, they think of me as one of your subordinates and assaulted me. Saying that ‘deploying underwater units’…that’s ridiculous,” Creise became angry.
“Calm down. That was quite some time ago so you should not worry too much about that. In fact, the war has come to an end…” Kairos tried to calm her down but suddenly she interrupted.
“Thanks to your leader who has a crush on someone, the 300 year war has come to an end. But remember, we have to rage wars with demons so don’t be relaxed yet. At least, we can relax now for tomorrow,” Creise reminded him. The sea was as calm and as cold as usual. The sea waves were not roaring.
“Yeah, where are you from? I traveled around the whole Lefrad but I can’t identify you,” Kairos asked her.
“I’m from Nisel, a very small town 2500 kilometers west from here. It was well hidden so no one has ever stepped our town yet. The mayor told me to go out and explore the world so I left the town when I was 15 and never came back. Perhaps, I’ll take you there when everything is over. I’m sure you won’t mind, right?” Creise winked at him.
“About that, I think I’ll visit the town some time, perhaps when I have missions in that place. I can’t just simply take breaks as I have to take care of my crews,” Kairos sighed.
“I know. What if I join your clan and become your subordinate?” She tried to get closer to him.
“About that, it is not that easy. Since that the deployment of crews are on random basis, it is quite hard to get into my ship. In fact, my quota for my crews is full already so I can’t take you though,” Kairos moved slightly away from her.
“Hmm…I wished that I can go with you, you know,” Creise became sad.
“But you can go along with me under the sea, right?” Kairos calmed her.
“Yeah, but I don’t want ended up getting harassed like last time. Can you promised to me that I won’t ended up like that?”  Creise winked at him.
“No. Despite the war between the Antria clan and Pharkof clan has now ended, we still have some enemies. So it is obvious that we were going to be attack somehow, just less frequent compared to the past,” Kairos rubbed his head.
“What? So you want to dump me away? After everything we have gone through?” Creise clenched her fists.
“Calm down, okay? At least I won’t go and flirt other girls out there,” Kairos held her hands.
“Really? I know you won’t betray my love on you, but you better don’t get me jealous, because I’ll beat you into a pulp if you do that,” Creise warned her.
“Yeah, do you have a master? Chain weapons are quite rare,” Kairos asked her.
“I have a master who was teaching me the basics, but he left me a few months later. I haven’t heard of him ever since. But that khérista just made me feel creepy about him. I wondered if he is now dead,” Creise took out her khérista and polished it with a piece of cloth.
“We won’t know until we see him. Perhaps he is hiding somewhere away from the demons. Anyway, we must slay them so that they won’t cause problems to us,” Kairos looked at the polished khérista. It was sparkling.
“Promise to me, that you will protect me,” Creise hugged him.
“I will,” He pushed her away and they continued scouting. The night is very calm for them….


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