Route of Sea(Path 57-Night Talk Part Three)

At the meantime, Serene and Waryl were resting on the fishing ship’s deck. The desk and the chairs were still there and they were sitting on the chairs.
“Waryl, look at me,” Serene told him with a stern voice. Waryl was shocked and looked at her. She seemed to be quite worried. “Who are you actually? I know you are definitely not someone from this realm,” Her voice was unstable. Tears fell down from her eyes.
“Looks like I can’t hide this forever from you, I must say. Please, don’t tell this to anyone. They might be shocked and I might be in danger. I’ve been hunted by saints a few times as they want me to return to the realm of saint,” Waryl took out his sword and put it on the desk. He wiped her tears gently.
“You are a saint, who was born here…it must be hard for you,” Serene was still crying and looked at the working crews.
“It was actually easy for me at first. I was born in the sea, so my appearance was not suspected. Yet, after I stepped out from my town for the first time, I was confronted by a Taoist, saying that I must go back to the realm of saint someday. Of course I refused, but that time was just some sort of outbreak of emotion. Now, I really don’t want to go back,” Waryl looked at the crews as well.
“Because of me? Perhaps because your wounds heal when you see me, I think?” Serene walked towards him. They both stared each other deeply, with the sights as focused as a sniper.
“What do you think? That is not the only answer. You know that, aren’t you,” Waryl stood up and took his sword. He looked at it, seems to remembering his past. “My father told me that when I can heal my wounds by looking at someone, that person is the chosen one. But I never expected it is you. I just can’t imagine someone that….” He avoided her sight but suddenly she pinched his stomach.
“That what? You better watch your mouth or I’ll make you suffer,” Serene warned him, knowing that he might have some funny ideas on her.
“I must say…witty. Most girls in my town know nothing about fighting, but you made me realize that there are lots of skillful female fighters out there. I’m quite bored with fighting those guys. I wished I can fight Creise and Fyen simultaneously. That will be quite fun and exhilarating,” He pointed his sword to his front, perhaps he was thinking about his battle against Serene before.
“I thought you will say something else. But never mind, I will try to make that match. But then, what do you really meant by not the only answer?” Serene wondered what he has said.
“Your salamander gun…it is modified, isn’t it?” Waryl asked her. “I’ve seen that gun before and I fought the girl who had that pair of gun before. It was really fun. I wished that….” Waryl became blushed and suddenly Serene hugged him.
“If we meet again,”
“We will fight like before,”
“Hopefully we will,”
“Enjoy the battle again,”
“Serene….” They kissed under the starry stars, invoking their past memories. A few minutes later,
“Looks like we really completed the promise, isn’t it?” Serene asked Waryl.
“At least, that was a really great battle. Perhaps, it is our destiny,” Waryl replied. Suddenly, Serene’s blade guns and Waryl’s sword turned went out from their dimensional storage. Then, they suddenly gave a large glow. They will receive new upgrades for their weapons….


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