Route of Sea(Path 58-Night Siege Part One)

A few seconds later, the glow disappeared. Their weapons were changed.
“My blade gun…the blades are longer, the cartridge slots were extended and…looks like I can equip more types of bullets then,” Serene was amazed by the upgrades. The blades were aligned with the barrel, leaving the barrel intact.
“My sword…it seems the design is intact, but I’m sure that there is something…wait, the barrier is now stronger, but the sword is now lighter. Perhaps this is the gift of the gods,” Waryl was amazed with his sword as well, but suddenly the ship was surrounded by an evil barrier. A dark portal appeared in front them.
“Don’t you realize those folks were decoys?” A gargoyle went out from the portal and launched a few slash waves from its claws. Waryl blocked them but they were reflected instead. “Something is wrong with this,” They were absorbed and attempted to punch him but his claws were damaged when he blocked them again using his sword. Serene quickly changed the cartridges with screw bullets and shot a few rotating bullets towards it. It teleported itself away, trying to find their friends. Under the sea,
“Someone’s here. Get ready,” Nastra sensed some evil presence. Fyen aimed at the dark portal that appeared in front of her, but she was backstabbed. He dashed backwards but he saw nothing. Then, he sensed its movements and grabbed its claws. Bolt aura was flowed into its body and it was electrocuted.
“Those companions cannot be underestimated,” The gargoyle revealed itself. It dashed towards him, attempting to launch a wave slash attack on him but he blocked it using his knuckles. He quickly kicked it a few time while Fyen shoot a few rotating screw bullets towards it. Both attacks hit it, but it quickly healed itself and rammed him onto the seabed.
“Damn…he is way too powerful,” He charged his knuckles with toxin aura and punched its stomach. It was poisoned, but the poison was removed quickly. It kicked him a few times before it was thrown away by a few wind punch waves launched by him. He quickly dashed away from it and launched a few punch waves towards it. Fyen shot another few rotating screw bullets towards the gargoyle but the attacks were dodged.
“I’m not an easy target!” It teleported itself to Fyen’s back and attempted to back stab her again but she quickly swung her sniper backwards and dashed away from it. Nastra dashed towards the gargoyle but it was kicked instead. She charged her sniper gun with yin yang aura and shot a few laser blasts towards it.
“Take this!” He smacked it using his elbow backwards and swung his hands upwards and downwards. Yet, it stabbed his back, forcing him to dash away from it. He healed himself while the gargoyle was dashing towards them. He dashed to the seabed while charging his fists with land aura. Fyen dashed backwards and changed the cartridge with wave bullet cartridge and shot a few wave pulses towards it.
“What the…” The wave pulses were avoided, but the shockwave hit the gargoyle. He charged his knuckles with bolt aura and punched the ground again. Another shockwave was launched and this time it was paralyzed. Fyen charged the cartridge and shot a double helix wave pulse towards it. It was turned into dusts.
“Phew, that was a hard enemy, isn’t it?” Nastra swam towards Fyen.
“Yeah, looks like the enemies that will fight against us will be much harder compared to this one,” She sighed. At the meantime,
“Oh, you want some of this?” Kairos aimed at another dark portal on the sea. Looks like the gargoyle is not the only enemy….


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