Route of Sea(Path 59-Night Siege Part Two)

Orlyn, a hollow which is another minion of demon lord, emerged from the dark portal. Kairos quickly reversed the barrels of his cannons and launched a few sonar wave blasts towards it but it dodged them and dashed towards him.
“Not so fast, sucker!” Creise charged her khérista and threw it as if it was a lance. It dodged them, but the khérista spun and directed towards her.
“…” Orlyn took it and threw it towards Creise while dashing towards them. Kairos charged his cannons and launched a few sonar slash wave pulses towards it, but they hit the khérista instead. Creise took the khérista without being hit. Orlyn was shocked.
“This weapon knows who its master is,” She launched a few crescent waves towards it and they were absorbed and it attempted to punch them. Kairos was hit when he try to prevent the attack hit her. His Kevlar suit was ripped a few times. Yet, it was smashed onto the seabed when he swung his cannon to his left and hit its neck.
“You are not attacking us,” Kairos charged his cannons with frost aura and shot several double helix wave pulses towards Orlyn, but it dodged them. Yet, its movements were slowed down as she was slightly frozen. It charged itself with flame aura and recovered from the freeze. Creise dashed towards it and attempted to launch infinite slash on it but it launched lots of punch waves, forcing her dash away from it. Kairos charged his cannons with frost aura again and launch a few frost waves towards it, hoping that it will freeze completely, but Orlyn sensed the waves. It charged itself with flame aura and launched a few heat punch waves to defend itself.
“Don’t forget me, fool,” Creise dashed towards her and threw the khérista towards it. The blades pierced through its body. Then, she pulled it out, making extra damage on it. Yet, it healed itself. Orlyn charged itself with wind aura and punched the ground using both of its hands.
“Wind shield!” They both cast the spell and defended themselves from the slashing wind, despite they were pushed a few meters away from it and the shield was almost broken. Kairos charged his cannons with wind aura and shot the slashing wind towards it, but it dodged the attack and dashed towards them.
“This hollow is persistent, but it will not win!” Kairos changed the cannons’ barrels into 3-1-4-2 formation and shot a few quadruple helix sonar wave pulses towards it. The waves hit Orlyn, but it was unharmed instead. It continued to dash towards them. Creise attempted to stop it by launching a few circular shaped slash waves towards it, but they were dodged and she was hit. She quickly charged her khérista with aqua aura and stabbed it on Orlyn.
“You are turning into dusts!” Kairos charged his cannons with bolt aura and shot a few encased bolt waves towards it. It was electrocuted, but it quickly dashed away from them and healed itself, despite some of its aura was dissipating.
“You are not running away!” Creise charged her khérista with metal aura and dashed towards it. She attempted to cross slash it, but she was kicked a few times instead. Then, Orlyn launched a wave punch towards her. She was thrown 10 meters away. Kairos attached sword blades on his cannons, charged them with photons and dashed launched the sword blades towards it. It avoided them, but it was tuned into dusts when Creise charged her khérista with bolt aura and threw it towards Orlyn, which hit it and making it electrocuted again.
“What a hard fight. Perhaps those demons want to test our powers. Tomorrow will be a hard fight,” Kairos sighed.
“Don’t worry. We’ll endure through the challenge,” Creise tapped his shoulders. At the meantime, Marsei and Wrenfa were inside the fishing ship’s cabin….


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