Route of Sea(Path 60-The Love of Peace)

The cabin was empty. The walls were white with a fluorescent lamp switched on.  Marsei and Wrenfa were sitting on the floor near a corner.
“Wrenfa, will the souls of the past leaders forgive us for what we have done? The last leader gave me the last word before leaving the clan, saying that ‘the war must not be stopped,’” Marsei sighed while looking at the small window on one of the walls. An unknown planet was visible. The stars were visible as well.
“Don’t worry; they won’t be able to haunt us anyway. I’m sure that they will understand our love,” Wrenfa was tidying his messy hair.
“Yeah, it is meaningless to have a war unresolved for 300 years. It’s time to put a full stop on it and create a better future of our clans, isn’t it?” Marsei gave her some shoulder massage.
“Well, but then, I just wondered, according to the rules, we can’t get married yet. We have to deal with the opposing voices in each other’s clan so that we can change the rules. Remember what happened in the past?” Wrenfa asked him.
“Yeah, my secret date with you was ruined by your bodyguards, saying that I’m trying to assassinate you and I ended up getting scolded by my subordinates. I remembered their furiousness when they said ‘you foolish one, how can you let your heart blind you from fight for the four principles of the Antria clan?’ to me,” Marsei answered her.
“I know. That is the last principle. Exterminate the Pharkof clan as if they are the demons. My clan has a similar principle. I just can’t imagine how such mindset can survive for 300 years,” Wrenfa stood up and walked around the cabin.
“Well, remember the first time we meet? Despite I’m attracted by your beauty, but my ships still bombarded yours and half of your fleet was destroyed at the price of two teams of my elite forces,” Marsei looked at her smooth straight hair.
“That was just when we looked at each other using binoculars. We met each other when you come to negotiate about your outpost which was destroyed by the members of our clan. You seemed to be not focused that time, perhaps due to my attraction, I must say,” Wrenfa was blushing.
“Oh, about that, perhaps your face gave me some sort of hallucination at that time. I don’t why I was not myself when we were negotiating. Maybe this is love,” Marsei lied on the ground.
“Yeah, love in the first sight. But then, remember when your bodyguard attempted to kill you I stopped them using this sword. I left that mark intact when I repair this sword. You know what I meant, right?” Marsei took out a stainless steel sword and threw it onto the ground. There was a right slanted slash mark on the sword’s blades. Wrenfa took the sword and looked at it. The phrases “for Wrenfa, my love” were barely visible below the slash mark. She wrote something below the phrase.
“That was quite a memorable one. Perhaps we will battle again sometime, I think. Hopefully this time our subordinates will not disturb us again,” Wrenfa looked at him and handed him the sword.
“Yeah. Remember that battle is considered a tie so we will have to settle the score again,” He looked at the phrase and saw “by Marsei, Wrenfa’s love” was written below the phrases. He blushed and stood up, facing a red door. “Let’s work on the peace so that it will last forever,” He walked out from the door, leaving Wrenfa alone.
“Peace? Or love? Perhaps both,” Wrenfa slept inside the room. Tomorrow will be a very hard day for everyone….


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