Route of Sea(Path 61-Demonic Strike)

The next morning, everyone stayed on the ships looking if the demons appeared anywhere while Serene and her friends were scouting under the sea, fearing that if the demons will come from the seabed.
“Be careful. We won’t know how much enemies you will have to deal with until they appear,” Serene warned everyone. Suddenly, a dark portal appeared on the seabed and emits a few encased bolt strikes on the ships above them. The ships sunk into the sea. More dark portals appear and did the same thing.
“Can’t we try to locate where the demon that did this is?” Kairos asked everyone while they were dodging the sinking ships.
“Let’s see….” Serene dashed around the sinking ships and saw a dark portal which was not disappearing. She charged the blades with photons and shot a few sword shaped laser beams towards it. Smokes appeared and the other dark portals were disappeared.
“Damn you….” Kronefa, a skeleton reaper emerged from the dark portal. The skull was visible under the dark purple cape. The scythe had a solid blade, rather than usual design of plate blades. It launched a few slash waves towards her but she deflected them by shooting a few bullets towards the slash waves. The slash waves hit some other ships and they were sunk as well.
“Looks like this is a hard one, I must say,” Serene charged her blades with photons and shot another few sword shaped laser beams towards it but they were deflected away by it scythe. It dashed towards her, trying to slash her but she blocked it using the gun at her left hand and stabbed it with the one at the right hand. Yet, it was unharmed and the blade was cracked instead.
“My bones are not human bones, but made from Kysphenir (an alloy made from 50% palladium, 15% platinum, 15% chromium and 20% vanadium). Don’t ever think about destroying me,” She was kicked a few times and she was thrown 10 meters away. Kronefa charged its scythe and threw it towards her, but she caught it without getting hit. She attempted to throw it towards Kronefa back, but suddenly it was filled with bolt aura and she was electrocuted.
“That skeleton reaper can charge aura remotely?” She threw it back towards her, ignoring the pain and shot a few slash waves from his gun while healing herself. It quickly dodged them but Serene teleported herself to its back and backstabbed it after she charged the blade guns with metal aura. Yet, it was still unharmed.
“Ha, that stinking blade of yours can do me anything bad!”  It swung its scythe backwards and she was slashed. She dashed away from it and healed herself. Creise who saw the battle swam towards her.
“She is not alone, you know,” Creise charged her khérista and launched a few circular shaped slash waves towards it. They were all deflected away, sinking a few more ships. Creise charged her khérista and dashed towards her, hoping that the weapon is strong enough to destroy the bones.
“That is not sufficient, you know,” Kronefa charged its scythe with metal aura and stabbed the ground. A platinum spear appeared in front of it. Kronefa took the spear and threw it towards her. She dodged it and cross slashed her but the blades were crushed instead. She dashed backwards and recovered her weapon. Suddenly,
“Take this!” Nastra attack from its back, using his knuckles charged with acid aura and punched its back. His knuckles were bent, but shockwaves formed by the punches crushed it and it was turned into dusts.
“Thanks a lot, pal!” Serene winked at him. The battle is over, but something bad is going to happen….


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