Route of Sea(Path 62-Aftermath)

A few minutes later, Khafen Enslo, the leader of the Mefino clan was waiting for everyone at the deck of the fishing ship. He was very angry because 200 ships were sunk just now.
“Hey boss, are you really wanted to do this? We can’t afford to break ties with any clans, you know,” One of his bodyguards told her.
“So, you are ‘the mafia’. I know it is our fault that 200 ships were sunken into the sea, but we are willing to pay any compensation to you,” Marsei told him.
“I’m sure we are glad that the demons were exterminated now,” Wrenfa tried to calm him.
“I bought them with my salary as my clan was suffered from bankruptcy back then. With the clan’s current financial status, I can but those ships again with ease, but it cannot ease my sadness and anger. I demand you to pay 15% of estimated loss from each of you. You are responsible over such damage,” Khafen looked at the remaining ships and the crews who were trying to find survivors.
“If this is the case, we will pay through our headquarters’ treasury. But what’s your next plan? I heard that you want to attack the Lhanaz clan. Is that true?” Marsei asked him.
“No. Those bugs were really good at spreading false rumors, despite we do have intend to teach them some lesson and we have did that already,” He smiled.
“What?” Wrenfa was shocked. Suddenly, a letter appeared on the desk. Khafen took it and read it. It wrote,
“Dear Khafen,

Our clan is very regretful for what have our members have done. Yet, such doings of vandalism over our ships is not a good way to resolve this. We consider such actions as a war declaration against us. If you do not issue an apology in 24 hours, we will destroy your headquarters near the western ocean.

Yours Truly,
Erpha Ksinal
Chief Commander of Lhanaz clan”
“Oh my goodness! Looks like they took this seriously,” He quickly took out a piece of paper and wrote,
“Dear Erpha,

If such actions of my subordinates are an insult and a war declaration, I am very sorry from the deep side of my soul. My clan has no such intends on your clan. Yet, I’m demanding your clan to pay our clan a sailing ship to compensate the damage of your members has caused on us. Hopefully you’ll complete this request.

Yours Truly,
Khafen Enslo
Leader of Mefino clan”
The letter was teleported to the headquarters of the Lhanaz clan. He sighed at the sunken ships, but suddenly all of the sunken ships were recovered, with the survived crews.
“I know the pain of having a fleet of ships was sunken, so we recovered them for you!” Kairos and Nastra yelled at Khafen.
“Get some rest, will ya? Your body can’t handle 200 ships, you know,” He threw some stamina potions towards them. They dranked the potions and had some nap under the sea.
“You know what that mean, right?” Khafen told Marsei and Wrenfa. They both laughed together. “Thanks for the help. As a token of thanks, this is a pair of titanium rings left by my last leader. I’m waiting for you to be engaged!” Khafen teleported himself away, along with the ships. Suddenly, Serene received a letter from Khafen. It wrote,
“Dear Serene,

I heard some rumors that a holy item was stored in a cave 2 kilometers west of here. Consider this a token of thanks from me. Hopefully this will help you on your mission.

Khafen Enslo
Leader of Mefino clan”
“Let’s go. We have some main mission to do. We’ll meet up with them later,” Serene told the others and they swam to the west. Their main mission continues….


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