Route of Sea(Path 63-The Second Cross)

A few hours later, they arrived in the cave. There were no tunnels, only lots of stalactites and stalagmites made from basalt rocks and an altar facing southwards. A gunner was guarding the altar, waiting for the chosen one to approach her. Her cowboy clothing made her looks like a mariner rather than a saint. Suddenly, the cross flew out from Serene’s dimensional storage towards her.
“Now I see. The chosen one is there,” Serene was teleported to the realm of saint along with her. This time, they appeared on a shallow sea area, which the sea level was just above their heads. “Fight me,” She took out her salamander gun and shot a few bullets towards Serene. Serene deflected them away by shooting bullets precisely towards them. She dashed towards her, attempting to slash her from near range, but a barrier repelled her attack.
“This can’t be…or this test only permits me to attack from long range, I guess,” She dashed away from her and changed her cartridges with sword bullet cartridges. She charged the bullets with photons and shot a few laser coated sword bullets towards her, but they were deflected away by some screw bullet shots from the cowboy’s gun.
“You are not defeating me,” She charged her gun with rock aura and aimed her gun out from the water. She shot a few bullets to the sky and small sized rocks fell from the skies, forcing both of them to dodge the falling rocks. Serene suddenly smiled wickedly.
“You have fallen onto your trap you set yourself,” Serene let a few rocks stuck inside the blade guns, charged them with photons and launched them towards her. Her barrier was slightly cracked, but it was recovered instantly. Serene was surprised looking at the recovery.
“Looks like I have to send you back to square one right now,” She charged her barrier with frost aura and shot Serene a freezing beam as large as her barrier.
“Oh really? Don’t regret if I do this,” Serene absorbed the beam into her blade guns, causing her hands was slightly freezing. Serene dashed towards her, trying to utilize the time used by her to charge such enormous amount of aura. Serene managed to cross slash the barrier, rendering it frozen, sufficiently covering her body from the beam. The freezing beam was launched again, but Serene quickly charged her blades with flame aura. Heat waves covered the blades. Just the moment Serene attempted to cross slash the barrier again; she cast rainbow beam deflection on the laser beam and shot it backwards. The laser beam “jumped” towards her in a rainbow formation. Serene was forced to block it using the blade guns.
“Your resistance is futile,” She charged herself with star aura and shot a few frost stars towards Serene. Serene jumped backwards and launched a few heat waves to melt them.
“Don’t force me to do this,” Serene charged her blade guns with flame and sun auras. The blades were glowing with bright light. The cowboy charged her barrier with frost aura again and shot the freezing beam again. This time, Serene launched the blades towards the barrier while dodging the beam and it was shattered into pieces.
“You’ve won,” Serene was teleported back towards the altar. The second cross appeared in front of her, shining with holy light. She took it and kept it into her dimensional storage. They were teleported away back to the seabed and the cave was disappeared.
“Perhaps the gods created the cave for us, I must say,” Waryl sighed. A few seconds later, the fishing ship appeared at their back.
“Hey! Where have you been? We must go to the Sta Island right now! Come with us quickly!” Marsei yelled at them. They quickly swam along with the ship. Their journey continues….


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