Route of Sea(Path 64-First Contact)

After the night, they arrived at Sta Island. It was a very narrow island, covered with entirely frost wastelands. There were no inhabitants in the island, just some small number of temporary reinforcers from the Lefrad council who patrol the area to prevent any illegal activities around the area. They docked at the southern end of the island, waiting for several people to come towards them.
“This place looks quite deserted,” Serene and the others who were still underwater told everyone. A few minutes later, a few officers wearing military uniforms approached towards the ship. There were lots of marks on the shoulder, showing that they were highly ranked.
“We are from the Lefrad council’s military division. We heard rumors that there are demons lurking around here as we have lost several men in this island. All of them were killed underwater and their dead bodies were thrown onto the land. I hoped that you’ll find those demons as soon as possible. We are depending on you,” They left the ship after they told them the current situation.
“Those Phlaq continent scums….” Marsei clenched his fists.
“Calm down. They might give us some hints about the demons. I heard rumors that they were retreating,” Wrenfa calmed him. At the seabed,
“Hmm…I just wondered why we were called here. Isn’t that it is a restricted zone?” Serene asked everyone.
“I think the demons invaded this island so they need our help,” Kairos rubbed his head. The others were looking around the area to see if there is anything in the area. Then, they saw a soldier was swimming around them, searching for something.
“Hey, be careful while you are in the sea. There were a few soldiers who was dead lately because of the work of demons,” She warned them.
“We’ll kill them if we see them!” Serene smiled wickedly. Suddenly, a dark portal appeared. Trinphel, a stinger who sided the demons appeared. She was emitting intense evil aura. Her nerubius (pure gold on all parts) sword and Niceqil (an alloy made from one third of copper, one third of gold and one third of sliver) armor looked very sturdy. She charged her sword, but Nastra quickly punched her sword with his left hand while punching her body using his right hand, but she shot the slash waves and he was injured, forcing him to dash away from her.
“I’m not an easy target!” She charged her sword with flame aura and stabbed the ground.
“Heat stab waves…fool,” Creise teleported towards her top and attempted to attack her from above, but she was still hit by the stab waves launched below her legs. She was shocked that it was a magnarid skill rather than an ignalial skill. Creise dashed away from her. She seemed to be waiting for them to attack.
“What about this?” Waryl charged his sword and threw a sword shaped barrier piece towards her, but she destroyed it by launching a few slash waves towards it. Kairos charged his cannons with ice aura and launched a few freezing waves towards her, but she repelled it by casting barrier on herself. Fyen took the chance and shot a few rotating screw bullets towards her, but they were blocked as well. Serene teleported to her back, charged her blade guns with photons and attempted to stab her. Her barrier was shattered, but she was unharmed as the blade gun was unable to stab through her armor.
“Insolent fools…I’ll finish you another time,” She teleported herself away. They felt worried about her strength. Suddenly, a scream was heard somewhere nearby. They quickly dashed towards the source of the scream. Looks like they will face another demon….


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