Route of Sea(Path 65-Rescue Mission Part One)

Upon reaching the spot, they saw the soldier was fighting against a fallen angel. His wings were launching numerous slash waves towards her, causing her to suffer from severe injuries. They quickly came to the rescue and blocked the slash waves. Creise healed her and had her sealed in a spherical seal.
“Torturing in such a vicious way…you are more demonic than any demon that I’ve fought before!” Serene charged her blade guns with bolt aura and launched a few encased bolt strike towards him. He blocked them using his wings but he was injured when Fyen shot a few projectile bullets towards him through the air. Nastra attempted to punch his back but he straightened his wings, charged himself with wind and sky auras and spun himself. Nastra was slashed a few times and thrown 20 meters away. An underwater tornado was formed. Wind blades were launched everywhere, even the ones on the island could see a whirlwind was formed on the surface of the sea.
“This is…too powerful…for us…but I…must…destroy it….” Creise cast barrier on everyone as a protection. She charged her khérista with metal aura and launched a few crescent slash waves towards him, but they were deflected away by the wind blades. After a few minutes, the tornado was stopped. Kairos reversed the barrels of his cannons, charged them with photons and shot a pair of laser blasts on the fallen angel but he blocked them using his wings. The wings were damaged, but they were recovered quickly.
“You can’t do anything on me!” He charged himself with metal aura and launched some metal feathers towards them, but they were all deflected away when Serene and Fyen shot the bullets towards them. Waryl dashed to his back and attempted to cross slash him but he flapped his wings and he was hit. Waryl dashed backwards and launched a few plus shaped slash waves towards him, but they were deflected away as the metal feathers were launched frontwards and backwards.
“Take this!” Serene charged her bullets with acid aura and shot a few encased acid bullets indirectly towards him. He blocked it using his wings and they ended up corroded. Waryl quickly charged his sword with metal aura and launched some slash waves towards him while dashing towards him. His wings were broken when he blocked the slash waves. Waryl cross slashed him and he was injured.
“Here shall be your grave,” Fyen charged her gun with rock and astro auras. She shot a projectile meteor shot towards the air. Then, the shot fell into the sea and pierced through his body. He was turned into dusts.
“Good job, folks. Looks like you are quite strong. Who are you actually?” The soldier asked everyone.
“My name is Serene Foltaf, the chosen one for the holy weapon. The others accompany me to help in my misson,” Serene introduced herself.
“What? You are the chosen one? Well, I heard some rumors that the cave which stores the third holy item is past the next island at the East. Hopefully this will help. Good luck on your mission!” She continued to swim around the island, doing her patrolling job. A few seconds later, another scream was heard 2 kilometers north from them. Kiarsk, a huge sized pirhana which is another minion of demon lord, attacked another soldier who was patrolling in the sea.
“Let’s go and check it out!” Serene yelled the others. They quickly swam to the north and they were shocked by what they saw.
“This guy was bitten a few times and still fighting? We must help him at once!” Serene charged her gun, preparing for an attack. The fight will be quite hard….


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